The Voidborn are humans who have been born, and generally grow up on voidships. They, and any relations, are effectively a subspecies of human, who are adapted to living & working in deep space.   The majority of the Voidborn are regularly found on waystations, asteroid mining stations & listening posts, deep space voidships of all kinds, especially civilian ships such as freighters & transport ships. Most are skilled with technology, at least in a practical setting and are more comfortable in smaller cramped spaces than others. The majority of other humans find them slightly off, as they are more lithe & paler than others. Since they live in artificial gravity conditions & regularly have to wear space suits & similar gear, they can be quite strong in a wiry way but generally not as tough as some other human communities. This is in part due to being regularly subjected to zero gravity that their bodies have adapted to deal with better at the cost of their muscular-skeletal systems. They themselves are used to it generally giving themselves advantage to this condition.   They usually have close ties to other Voidborn and sometimes the place they serve on will have a mix of close relations, distant relations, and some other families they know in passing. The majority have been born in deep space so this is all they are used to. When one disembarks onto a world for the first time, it can be a frightening experience, causing horrendous nightmares and damage when the planet's natural gravity kicks in. Because of this many refuse to leave the voidships in case this damages them permanently.   If anything they are actually vital to the success of the Imperium. Since they are born in deep space they are naturally inclined to their surroundings, and not just naturally adapted to it, they regularly pick up all manner of skills relation to deep space travel, jobs, and technology. Some become ship & waystation builders, others operators & techs of the ships & waystations - almost innately in more than one case, and they have little fear of zero gravity & confined spaces. Most know their way around such places, and can easily navigate through Imperial voidships & waystations. Others can operate any machinery or devices present with ease, as well as spotting problem areas or conditions quickly.   They are not soldiers though, and will fight if they need to, to survive, usually wearing space suits (sometimes modified), and will use weapons such as melee weapons or short ranged weapons such has shotguns. They know better than most the dangers of any weapon that can puncture the wall or shielding of a deep space vessel, and sudden decompression that occurs if it does.


Gender Ideals

Many follow the traditional roles of male & female, but all are expected to do the same jobs.

Relationship Ideals

Usually, they work in an environment with closely related individuals, and others who are likely to be distant relations. Because of the confined spaces they live in they are used to living close to others, and look out for one another.
"I've met some of them. Was making a delivery up to a mining station in the asteroid belt beyond Agrippa IV. One of the larger asteroids has been hollowed out over time by a mining operation and turned into a massive factory in return. They would drag other smaller asteroids near enough to tether them by different mean and just start burring in like tick to it. Damn effective though.    Those Voidborn could easily deal with that no problem. Each could use the equipment almost innately, and with it being that cramped & filled with bad air, they didn't mind it. Almost enjoyed it. Each one looked totally at home. Near every one of them loosely related somehow. Seemed to have had successive families growing up there, intermarrying. A few hundred at first, now a few thousand. And the way they looked as if they were shocked to see someone like myself. Slightly shorter, hairier, and more bulky compared to them. The young especially couldn't get over it. First time many had seen someone from planetside.   Well done my business & left them to it, and that is that."   Oberron Merriweather, tech trader from Agrippa III.


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