Shadow-Touched Blood

A condition for the unlucky

Shadow-touched blood is a condition one can be afflicted by as a result of being in close contact with a Dark Entity. The disease has various degrees and stages and can be deadly. The condition is usually the result of a cut or scratches inflicted by a dark creature, which taints the blood-stream with dark magic  

Magical Blood Poisoning

It's regarded as being a type of blood poisoning, though it does differ due to its magical properties. Like blood poisoning, it is caused by when a foreign and disease-causing element enters the bloodstream. Usually, it would already need to be in the body for it to eventually lead to blood poisoning, but dark energy can cause Shadow-Touched Blood just from a severe scratch or cut laced with it.   A light case of shadow-touched blood is survivable, however, a severe case can lead to death in less than a day in some cases.  


The afflicted person will experience a moderate to high fever over several days as well as chills, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, weakness and dizziness. They usually also look much paler than usual.   Their blood will darken in colour and the spot where they were first infected usually features black-tinged skin, this fades away within a few hours.   If the person gets better, their blood will gradually return to its normal colour, and so will the skin. However, if their condition worsens, the blood will get darker as the magic overpowers the whole body, and the person will become deathly pale. Their lips, nails and skin will be discoloured due to the black blood shining through, and eventually, they will be overcome by the sickness and die.
Affected Species

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2 Aug, 2022 07:01

Ooooo I like this concept a lot - the idea that a papercut sized scratch from a Dark Entity could kill you is pretty terrifying to think about!

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