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Duck Cane

Popular Duck Merchandise

During the well-beloved anual Duck Sum Upping festival in Ashilder, a lot of merchandise is sold to avid duck fans. One of the most common pieces of merchandise the attendees flock to, are the duck canes.
by Ninne124
Oh yes! I simply must buy one of those beautiful walking canes, they're breath taking!   But it's so difficult to chose just one...
— Duck Enthusiast
  The duck canes are beautifully crafted walking canes adorned with duck heads as the handle.   They're made in a variety of materials, designs and colours. These canes are not cheap, since they're crafted with care, but even though they can be sold for quite a big sum, they sell out very fast.  

Secki ducks

The canes are meant to look like the Secki Ducks, which is the kind of duck the entire festival is about.   The duck sum upping started as a conservation effort, due to the duck population dwindling. The ducks are no longer endangered, but the countings are held as a way to ensure it stays that way.   The ducks have become very popular with the people of Ashilder especially, and so different merchandice with the secki ducks on sells very well during the Duck Sum Upping.   Many merchandise vendors donate parts of their earnings to the continued conservation efforts.
Sold during
Duck Sum Upping   Modelled after
Secki Ducks
Item type
80-110 cm
Secki Ducks
Species | Dec 24, 2023

A well-beloved duck species in Ashilder, native to middle Dysvoll. Also called the blushing duck.

Duck Sum Upping
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 22, 2024

An annual tradition in Ashilder, to keep census over the Secki Ducks and prevent them from being endangered.

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Author's Notes

I know the "sticky" prompt is probably meant to be more about... gooey stuff that sticks to other stuff....   But I immediately thought Stick-y, and so here's a walking stick!

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Feb 22, 2024 22:44 by Arklaw

Can a Secki Duck Cane dock a Duke by caning him in the can?

Feb 25, 2024 15:46

It absolutely ducking can

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Feb 27, 2024 15:02 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I kind of want one. :D They're so cute.

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