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Wyental Peacekeepers

The Wyental Peacekeepers have the difficult task of protecting the Lord of Wyental and thus the fruits of the Unification itself.


  The Peacekeepers were not so much founded, as separated from the Erres Kingsguard in 2 AU, after the Unification War ended. As Wyeh submitted to Erres, the Sadantes royal family was dethroned. This left the Erres Crown to decide, whether to let the ex-Wyeh nobility to choose the new Wyental lord, or if the old capital should be officially taken by an ex-Erres family. Wrong choice could result in another coup. They chose the first option to avoid accusation of tyranny and hostile takeover after the supposed unification. As such, Obert Heske was crowned the new Lord of Wyental. The decision was not unanimous, but still a majority one. To help the new lord, as a gift, twenty experienced Kingsguard were delegated to provide security. After the war, old Wyeh capital was full of unrest, and several attempts at destabilization were made. Lord Heske was able to keep his citizens satisfied, but he quickly saw the benefit of foreign guard, after two assassination attemtps by his own countrymen were foiled by the Peacekeepers. Now, 113 years after the Unification, a garrison of twenty is still located in the Wyental Castle, though local nobility took over most of the spots over time.


  Twenty Peacekeepers are at the employ of the Heske family and Erwy Crown. Four of them are accompanying the lord everywhere he goes, and the rest, in pairs, is either assigned to protect his family members or to patrol the castle grounds. Though officially only twenty, they have their own servants and trainees, multiplying the numbers of combatants ready to mobilize three to four times.


  The Wyental lord quickly realized, that saving coin on their own protection is not a good idea. As such the Peacekeepers were armed in the latest of sefia-imbued technology, including high mobility scale armor, near-impossible to blunt or break glaives and long distance sniper crossbows. All pieces of equipment are painted with the gold and green fox sigil of the Heske family.


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