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First Glass Hospital of Erwy

The First Glass Hospital of Erwy (also known as the Glasshouse) is a treatment facility pioneering the sefia-light therapy for ailments of the body and mind. It is located in the old Kenly family palace in northwestern Erwy.


  The First Glass Hospital was conceived by Fredrik Kenly, an Erwy University scholar and authority on sefia use. Upon discovery of widespread use of sefia on the continent of Zea, especially in rituals and festivals like the Golden Moon, Kenly hypothesized, that the light filtered through a sefia-infused glass may have unique properties. The second clue was the rare occurrence of miracles in the cathedrals of the Voice, now linked to long exposure to illuminated stained glass windows. To test his hypothesis, Kenly changed a wing of his family home into a convalescence resort for his friends and acquaintances, exposing them to his therapeutic methods. The first tests were simple, with varieties of pain being attenuated by sun tanning under panes of colored sefia glass. The responses were positive enough to reach the Crown of Erwy and secure funding plus official cooperation of the University of Erwy. This allowed the Fist Glass to officially start in 95 AU as a mostly publicly funded treatment and research center. It promised to treat, if not cure, majority of common ailments and to be open to everyone in need.


  The hospital’s main therapeutic procedure involves tanning pods. Those capsules are located mostly on the roof and in the gardens and consist of a wooden half-sphere and an exchangeable metal frame on top of it. Depending on the ailment, the metal frame or its fragment is occupied by a glass pane of appropriate color. Those partial frames are used when only a specific body part requires treatment, such as in case of migraines, broken limbs, or wounds. Pods under a full glass cover usually promise rejuvenation of the body and alleviation of chronic pains. Additionally, the pods are put on wheels, to enable the nursing staff to move them throughout the day according to the sun’s movement. The First Glass also offers alternatives and adjuvants to the light therapy, such as herbal medicine, massages, and baths.


  The First Glass is highly invested in developing new treatment methods. The researchers focus mostly on the question of using ‘artificial light’ (as in: not sunlight or moonlight). So far, results clearly indicate that astral bodies have a unique influence on the process. The other noteworthy novel procedure is the externalization, which allows for repair of the more serious and outwardly invisible damage.


  Despite the Glasshouse being affordable to upper-middle class of Erwy citizens, compounded with the cost of travel, it’s often too much to afford for the prospective patients. Additionally, there is a limited patient capacity, which led to the hospital to become a common meeting place of chronically sick western Erwy nobility, rather than a public healing house, as was the initial intention.


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