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Daro Aneri

Daro Aneri (born 70 AU) is a member of the Wyental Peacekeepers and descendant of king Ker Jasun the 5th of Wyeh.  


  Daro was brought up in a Wyental household noble only in title, with very few resources and connections. With no siblings and already elderly parents, we was expected to quickly marry and prolong the family name. However, his adventurous nature was underestimated as Daro ran from home at 14, joining a deep ocean fishing expedition. When he returned home at 18 years old, he was an experienced sailor, boasting the title of Stormbrave.  


  Upon return, perhaps to more effectively bind him to his legacy, his parents revealed to him the family secret. They were descendants of the last legitimate king of Wyeh and responsible for bringing about revival of the Jasun dynasty. Daro was presented with the old Wyeh regalia, hidden away in the mansion for decades, and told about their miraculous power. He initially agreed to cooperate with his parents, however vague their plan was, without realizing the influenced of the hypnotic White Stone engulfing the household. He ultimately understood he was manipulated, but feelings toward his family history were not easy to simply reject. His own experimentation with the White Stone resulted in migraines and clouded judgement, discouraging him from overusing the power. He suspected that his family was too weak to wield the Stone effectively as well, hence the delay in their coup attempts. They also couldn't use the Stone against him anymore, as already conscious of its power, he was able to resist it.  

Military career

Still, to get closer to the upper echelons of Wyental society, Daro enrolled in the military academy with his sights on the Peacekeeper ranks. Due to his strength and endurance, gained while sailing the ocean, he succeeded. At 27, he was chosen for the position and has been since in charge of guarding Arta Heske, Wyental lord's wife. He ultimately married one of her ladies in waiting, noblewoman by the name of Kei Marist. It is worth noting that he did it for genuine reasons, not just to appease his parents.  

The attack

Unfortunately, in 103 AU, his parents finally lost patience and ordered him to act. During a winery tour, the carriage carrying Arta was supposed to be attacked by Aneri mercenaries, and Daro was to kidnap his charge. Seeing no true endgame to the plan other than temporary upset of the Wyental society, he acted to protect both his own and his lord's family. The mercenaries, instead an easy mark, faced a carriage full of armed Peacekeeper trainees with Daro at the helm. With no casualties, they routed the enemies and captured them. Daro covertly used the Stone to precipitate an escape attempt and in the ensuing brawl all the mercenaries were killed, thus ensuring that Aneri name never escapes their lips. After this, Daro was hailed a hero, and has since lived a life of uncertain balance between his family's insanity and his duty.  

Present day

Daro waits for the opportunate time to break his parental bonds without shaming the family name. Death would be salvation, but his parents cling to life, sending him letters full of deranged calls to action. Daro and his wife moved to a residence near the Peacekeeper barracks and are currently expecting an heir. This more than anything, terrifies Daro, as the Wyeh regalia weigh heavy on his soul. As weeks go by, his resolve wavers and sometimes he feels like the White Stone is calling him from the chest hidden under the basement floor, ordering him to take what is rightfully his.


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