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The Change (Zean: Vir) is a condition affecting people working closely with sefia, especially in its unrefined form. It has a very different social connotations on Dain and Zea, as the manifestations and frequency of occurrence vary.  


  The Change presents itself as significant deviation from regular human presentation or ability. It is usually observed only after years of close contact with sefia and usually does not significantly impact quality of life in the first generation. However, even asymptomatic, the Change is a heritable trait, manifesting much stronger in the offspring if present.  


  On the continent of Dain, the Change is seen as an untreatable medical condition. People who underwent the Change or those who have affected children were historically common targets of violence. Children who were able to grow up often ended up being exploited in traveling circuses and similar exhibitions. The Change is much more common in the east, on the previously Wyeh territory, as the country possessed sefia supply earlier than the west.   On Zea, a child with a distinct Vir is a symbol of fate’s favor and a cause for celebration. Due to more localized clusters, longer exposure time and abundance of Zean sefia, the effects are much stronger than on Dain, but also more standardized within families, occupational circles, and settlements. It is hypothesized that time and supernatural nature of Vir allowed for a more favorable trait selection here.  

Common manifestations



  Smelter’s Arms – causes significant thickening of one’s skin, sometimes to the point of reduced joint movement. The affected area vary, but always stretches from the fingers upward and is symmetrical on both arms. The resulting carapace is highly temperature resistant and invulnerable to most cutting and crushing tools. The tissue beneath it, however, can still suffer from prolonged exposure to heat and from internal damage.   Miner’s Eye – a deformity of the eye, causing the pupil to expand to unnatural size. This results in hypersensitivity to light, but also in the ability to see well in dark environments. Even complete darkness allows for the affected to be able to see contours of objects, especially if they are infused with sefia.   Preacher's Voice - a deformity of the throat, manifesting as an ability to produce sound outside normal human range. This can cause serious harm (such as fainting, migrains, bursting blood vessels) to families of infants born with this Change, as the children are unable to properly control it. Those affected by this Change are very rare and usually left at the nearest Voice chapel.  


  Snake’s Gift - similarly to the Miner’s Eye, this Change provides sight in the dark, but without the downside of a permanently expanded pupil. In addition, increased endurance and patience is observed, impossible to contribute just to relatively stoic societal norm of Nata-Kea.   Spider’s Gift – common amongst Nata-Got tribe, provides additional fingers and joints, allowing for precise tool and object manipulation. Severity of manifestation hardly ever results in a hand too deformed to properly use as if it's guided to enhance limb performance. Lack of the gift can bar career doors in the Nata-Got society, especially in the craftsman guilds and politics.   Swallow’s Gift – the least defined of the Zean gifts, it is believed to still be evolving. The Nata-Fii believe that those touched by the Swallow’s gift are able to climb the stairwells, towers, and chimneys of their cityscape much faster than others, with agility only appropriate for their patron animal. Clear physical manifestations are rare, but several cases of sharpened fingers, resembling bird talons, were observed.   Stone-touched – those who take part in sefia ore purification process are often referred to as Stone-touched. This covers a range of minor Changes, which didn’t coalesce into a specific gift and are a mixture manifesting in the purifier families. They include, but are not limited to heat resistance, no need for sleep, and ability to detect sefia through walls and over small distances.


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