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Steel SeaHorse

Gnomes and Dawarves create years ago a machine that moves with fire to travel faster to the other continent.

Comerce with the western continent has been a competition since the humans discover it. They even explore and conquest the lands near the coast, an have there the current great kingdom, Grastion, name of the royal family.

The humans prosper with fertile new land, resources and far away from minotaurs and dwarve a like, years later the trade routes where establish with human lands, then with dwarves and finally with minos.

By idiosyncrasy the minotaurs avoid travel in bodies of water. This was a great advantage for the dwarves that gain a lot of power with this new trade routes, moreover the gnomes, curious by nature, start design some machines that provide safer, faster and comfortable journey, they where the second race to establish a community in the new continent

The best of this machines, was a new kind of boat that was made with steel instead of wood, with six cauldrons filled with water and coal to make the machine move: 2 wheels, one per side, make this happen.

Power Generation

A cauldron with burning coal.


Water vapor is generated by the cauldron heat, a simple cylinder is then moved by the expansion in a chamber, this cylinder moves a wheel at the side of the vehicle.

Weapons & Armament

4 canons

Armor and defense

The boat is made with steel

Additional & auxiliary systems

A compass and an a large spyglass.

Hangars & docked vessels

Arendort is a medium port but in this city was made.

The major port for the steel seahorse is in the gnome city of Nimbor
8.3 m
50m Width (max in the middle): 8.3 m Lateral Height:5.5m (cargo bay)
5.5m (Cargo bay)
25 Km/h
Complement / Crew
30 Crew members
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
100 passengers.


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