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Spectral Reborn


Long time ago the saurians realize that they can't compete openly with the other races because they have some adventage that they do not have: Strenght, numbers, industry and others. They decide to be reclusive and that decision weekened more than help because no other race knows, care or befriend them.

  A wise shaman, know as Tozguke,¬†acknowledge this and change it to their benefit: all other races see them as "primal" and non important, if they don't care or see us then we will be invisble to them. He founded the spectral assasin, to became an assassin of this order, must be part of a ritual to "reborn", sometimes literally, ingesting an special mushroms soup mixed with an specially lethal venoms extracted from the Ryrwss [Pron: Kikuss]¬†plant; those who survive are impervious to almost all known toxins.


To become an spectral assasin you must take a initiation ritual involving a special soup.
  • Candidates, trained and skilled saurians, must not eat during two weeks before the ritual.
  • The day of the ceremony, they have some special breakfast to protect their stomach
  • At dawn, they must eat a Poisonus mushroom soup bleesed by the gods, that have poison
  • The ones that survive, are tested agains several poisons to mesure their resistances.
  • At midnight, the shamans brought back to life those how die because the soup or the poison testing, as a last chance to figth the poison within their system.
  • Those alive at the next sunrise are reborn as specters.

Components and tools

Morning breakfast

A conccotion maked with holy electrified water, some spices and honey.

The soup

Mushrooms, Ryrwss [Pron: Kikuss],some mint and pepper and a consacration ritual

At the nigth

The shamans have prepared some poison coated weapons to the ones alive and the resurrection ritual for those who will have a last chance.


Shamans: They prepare and execute the ritual.

The "candidates": At first any saurian can be part of this, now only some skilled saurians receive an invitation all other candidates are trained by the spectral order.


Senior members of the spectral assassins order and some potential shamans that are trained in the ritual.

Mushroom soup ingredients

Boil the mushrooms and wait until they change color.
Add the leafs and season with a pinch of peper.
Let the soup boil with all the ingredients 5 more minutes.
Serve when its cool.


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