Hag Face

Condition for the Az species
Some az, when reach the old age, can contract this condition, no studies are in order to know how this is contracted or avoided; the az live as it was some how normal to the species; the reality is that is a virus the one that causes this affliction and is tranmited by fruits of magical infected trees

Transmission & Vectors

When the Az reach the old age, 12 13 years old, his magical abilities start to diminish; then her body struggle to fight infectios
This condition is transmited by food, is a virus linked to the sacarid chains in fruits (sugar).


The cause is old age and a virus not named cause is not discovered yet.


The illness has 4 stages:
  • Stage 1: Hair and warts appears specially in the face.
  • Stage 2: Tumors growht in the nose, chin and/or the front compleatly deforming the face
  • Stage 3: A hump forms
  • Stage 4: The subject magic is enhaced but in the "wrong" way; instead of helping the land consume it, and creates some fruit trees or bushes


No long treatmen is know at the moment
At the second stage they victim is treated with some kind of herbal magical teas to easy the pain caused by the tumors.


The condition per se is not fatal but drain the vital energy of the host and shorten his life spectancy


The ones that can recover from the condition can lose the hair and the warts but not the tumors, at least they don't know how
Her magic is permanent hinder: can't help the enviroment and in some cases destroy it instead


The ones that suffer the condition if they reach the stage 3 then leave the community to live isolated.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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