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They maybe are the ones that inspire the faeries tales
They resemble skinny short human females; and any one could be fooled If it was not cause they fly around the trees or some centimeters above the ground

Basic Information


The resemble short slim female humans, 1m or less and between 50 and 60Kg, for the moment have no spoted males.
Have 4 limbs: 2 arms and 2 legs.
They tend to be slim and gracious, almost all the Az have goregorous human features: brown skin with colorful eyes and long black hair, their ears end in a point as the elves of the old days. Some Az with time develope a hump and her face features star to deform with a combination of this: facial hair, warts, the nose, front and/or chin grows like tumors within. The scholars name this as Hag Face

Genetics and Reproduction

The "growth" on a special coccon attached to a medium orchid plant
Always born in spring, as per the plants do. 

Growth Rate & Stages

They have 3 stages: 
  • Newborn: As they blossom they adapt to the enviroment and bid to the land. This occur in her first year of life, if cannot bind they left the community, and try to bind in another place, some even became isolated; in rare cases die.
  • Adult: From 1 to 12 years the Az live a prosperous life, they spend it in her land and comunity, some have special relationships, as groups, to play, gather resources or mend the nature
  • Old: Between 12 and 20 years at most, the are old, his abilities diminish, specially the magical ones and they tend to be more lonley, even some isolate; scholars think they all suffer the "hag face" condition because old age, thats a mistake. 

Ecology and Habitats

They are binded with the land, the flora and the fauna of the region
Even when some great mammals hunt them, like felines or large bears; they nuture and care about the ecosistem using their magic to speed the growth of both plants and animals alike, mantaining a perfect balanced place.
They to have illness and other conditions, when a disease struck the comunity the land itself reflect it: weed, dry grass or even the dead of some animals are caused by this

Dietary Needs and Habits

They store fruit, they can consume even meat, preferably fish, but her main food supply are fruits.
They tend to storage food in a special kind of tree, the one is the house of the majority of Az, other lives in near by trees
This tree has a potential storage that can only be the result of magic cause can storage enough fruit for the entire comunity for two months

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

  • Eyes: combination of color
  • Hair: Long black
  • Skin: brownish
  • Ears: small point ended

Average Intelligence

They are smart, can solve complex problems about the entire ecosystem but are easily distracted

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Az have a complex conection with the land they live through magic.
See better in moon light than in daylight, they even sleept several hours of the day.
Have keen hearing and a special sense of touch: they can feel things even before they really touch it (scholar haven't determined exactly the distance but between 5 to 10 cm)
18 years
Average Height
1 - 1.20 m
Average Weight
50 - 65Kg
Geographic Distribution
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