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Cyntal, a vast planet, holding all kinds in its gentle hands. It only means good, but it may not be easy to see it. Particularly, for Kings…

From where the great mountains divide land and reach for the sea, from shattered lands to broken forests and rivers and bays, from the dunes of sand to the dunes of snow, the world of Cyntal is ruled by Kings. Good Kings, bad Kings, Kings who figured out how to lead, and Kings who could not. Kings whose character built nations, and Kings whose character killed nations.

All can be Kings in Cyntal, no matter your magic, no matter if you are human or dragon, no matter your status of the world.

All have magic of some kind. All are Human or Dragon. All have some sort of status. All things natural, all things that cannot be helped.

But to be a King, you must see the faults of your character, you must see the treasures hiding behind it, and you must face the absolute darkness of yourself. A test of character. A study of character.

However, the world needs to be repaired from its darkness. Its call is easier to answer than the call of your soul. A King is one who answers the call of his soul. A King is one who faces his own character.

What you chose do with the knowledge of your character is up to you. You can still be a King, but will you be a Benevolant King, or a Cruel one? Will you bring Justice or bring Corruption? Perhaps it is best to see the test and choices of other Kings first. Perhaps you will see their darkness and reflect on your own. Perhaps you will see their hidden treasures, and discover your own.

Enter Cyntal, enter to see the test of the character of Kings.