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Slip Sled

The Slip Sled is a favored transport tool of the Quintesson Prosecutor due to their slower movement speed. The sleds are limited flight capable hovering platforms capable of speeds close to 120 mph, though this is dangerous as they are little more than a flat pad with no handholds.   The sled is controlled by a single interface cable they are capable of being piloted by any compatible bot or a handheld device made for the purpose.   Energon usage affords greater power output from the engine compared to its size, allowing the sled to travel at speeds of up to sixty mph while carrying great amounts of weight. Several can be slaved to a single controller to transport truly astounding weights with seeming ease.   There is a drawback, they have a limited operating range due to their small energon storage tanks, although some industrious minds can rig up a tank to extend their operational time.   As a promotional gimmick if a customer buys at a four pack of the sleds they will get the Energon Convertor for free along with a adaptor along with the tank adapter kit for half off.

Power Generation

Minature spark chamber


Excited plasma energized with spark, energon blends.

Weapons & Armament

Charging ports for Quintesson Judges weaponry.

Armor and defense

Limited forcefield when not moving otherwise relies on its speed.

Communication Tools & Systems

A tied in user can utilize the frame of the sled as an antenna but otherwise has no communication equipment.


Reliant on operator

Additional & auxiliary systems

Charging port access for handheld devices, sacrifices operating time.
Owning Organization
500 units
28 foot
3 foot
120 mph tops, loaded 60 mph
Complement / Crew
Minimum of one Operator
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Four large bots worth of weight per sled, double that when in a linked configuration.


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