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Profit for One!

Profit for One! is a popular Quintesson game they use to mainly fleece money from those who visit The Showcase Floor but it has roots in their culture before they lost their home-world.   It is played via physical cards, a random number generator, and dealer shuffled event card deck.   The player cards are a mixture of monetary cards, commodities, and stock actions. A typical play, for example, would be; Sell/Buy, 2.5 million, Solid-state electronics. The player cards that are played during a turn are shuffled back into the player deck at the end of each turn.   The random number generator generates two fields on the device. Loss or Profit and Event: Yes/No. Loss or Profit indicates if the player's turn was profitable or not.   The dealer pulled events alter multipliers of possible profit from commodities in the following turn. I.E. Next turn Energy Crisis on the homeworld. Energy units triple results.    
Turn Order
  1. Opening:
  2. Each player draws eight cards.
  3. Bid
  4. First time players chose the first person to go after that turn order is richest then clockwise. The first player places his bid face down in front of him and passes to the next player.
  5. Stocks
  6. Random Number Generator declares if the round is Profit or Loss
  7. Result
  8. Players in reverse order reveal their results and their opening money is adjusted.
  9. Future Prospects
  10. Once all players results are tallied the Random Number Generator picks if the dealer pulls the even card for the next round or not. And play returns to Step 1.


Created on the Quintesson homeworld to teach their youth the power of profit and how to roll with unpredictable outcomes. It is rumored that High Judge Kledji was selected by a massive tournament held by all the Judges to determine the best leader of the equally ruthless class.
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