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The Foundation Tree

"Alistair of the Association, yes?" The wizard glanced up at the voice to see a tall woman, regally dressed, with a thin scar's trace running through her face and down the neck. She narrowed her eyes impatiently.   "That's me. And what business would Captain Isolde of the Skyhawk have here?" Alistair dropped his book on the cafe table and motioned to the other chair. The woman gave it a passing glance before turning back.   "I read your report on the Calming. You mentioned that there was something named the 'Foundation Tree' somewhere east of Saibh. I need to know everything you know about it, as I intend to locate it." Isolde folded her arms over her chest. "Your report was heavily redacted. Why?"   Alistair sighed and closed his eyes. "Sorry. A lot of the information in that report has been sealed by order of the Princeps. All I'm willing to tell you is that I know for a certainty the tree exists, and that I don't know anything more about it. Nor, I suspect, does anyone in Etoile. The mythology of the Korr suggests that the tree somehow existed before the world did, but I suspect that's of no help to you."   "You've got to do better than that." Isolde rapped the table with her knuckles. "I'm not going to just sail blindly into the East."   The wizard raised an eyebrow. "Not my problem, frankly. And if there's anything I learned from the Calming, it's that some things are best left alone."


The Foundation Tree is a massive tree, nearly a thousand yards wide and almost a mile tall, situated on an island deep in the Eastern Feryll Sea, far past the last island of the Eastern Saibh archipelagos. No Etoilean has seen or visited it, and very few are even aware of its existence.   The Foundation Tree is a Conceptual Object of Creus.

Fauna & Flora

The Foundation Tree is a tree so large it supports its own ecosystem, with other trees taking root in the gnarls and branches, animals traversing the tree's many levels, and localized weather and rains. Fruit from the tree is so rich and plentiful that there are many animals in the tree that solely live off of its fruit.

Natural Resources

The upper levels of the tree are windy and rainy, as clouds that are blown into the tree develop into rainstorms. This has created a system of nested waterfalls of freshwater constantly running from the upper levels of the tree all the way to the roots and into the surrounding island and ocean. Water, food, and game are plentiful.

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