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The Aurcors Manuscript

Vance unfolded the pamphlet and tossed it on the table. "They were handing these out near Central Museum. Some sort of contest? Just gotta figure out what any of this means." The pamphlet was printed with a grid of unfamiliar symbols - curved, straight, in no discernible pattern or organization. The group huddled over the pamphlet.   "I got nothing." Iocathe sat back down after a minute. "I don't see anything repeated. If this is language you would hope to see repetition of words or letters, right?"   Alistair pointed at a section of the grid. "There's a part here where all of the symbols sort of line up. Maybe some sort of ritual binding?"   "If it is, it's not like any ritual binding I've ever seen." Rigana frowned and folded her arms. "Too many breaks in the lines for magic to channel successfully."   "Would you four like anything else to drink?" The waitress at the cafe came over and glanced at the pamphlet. "Oh! Some other people here were talking about this earlier. They say it's a pre-historical writing!"   "I didn't know they had writing, pre-history. Huh." Vance cocked his head. "What are the chances it's just a random bunch of squiggles?"

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Aurcors Manuscript is a section of symbols transcribed from a stone tablet recovered from ruins deep in the mountains in Eastern Saibh, in an isolated portion of the archipelago. The discovery has roused intense interest from academicians and historians - it's unclear whether the manuscript is even writing, or if it represents language in any way. The only certainty is that it resembles no written work known to anyone in Etoile, and does not resemble any known historical language. It's age is surmised from the surrounding ruins, which do resemble other ruins that are roughly a thousand years old.


While theoretically the oldest extant writing in Etoile, the significance of the manuscript itself is entirely unknown.
Item type
Book / Document
Roughly 1" by 8"

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