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The Clarity ward was the worst. Phanae pushed her cart down the hallway. Even through the muffled walls, some of the worse-off patients were ranting loud enough to be heard in the hallway. She stopped at a door and knocked.   "Hello! Here with lunch today. Fresh caught sole and bread." She unhooked a latch on the door to open a porthole and pushed a tray full of food into the port. "How are you doing, Missus Cori?"   "I'd do better if you weren't you." The woman in the cell seemed normal enough at a token glance, but her eyes were bloodshot and wild, constantly glancing to and fro, and she seemed sickly and frail. "You know that you've been poisoning the food. You and all of the other nurses that look like you. What happened to the regular shift nurse, hm?"   "I'm just a volunteer, Missus Cori. I'm here for the week. I promise I haven't poisoned the fish, ma'am." Phanae gave a bright smile; the woman in the cell spat on the ground but took the food anyway. Phanae sighed before re-latching the porthole and moving on to the next room. Alistair had been making noises about starting a Clarity regimen, but she was sure that he'd stop after seeing the people in this ward.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Clarity is a mind-affecting liquid that, when taken, significantly enhances mental processes and prowess. People who take Clarity are capable of rapid arithmetic computation, bursts of creativity, and fast absorption and synthesis of information. A dose of clarity lasts for roughly two to four hours, after which additional doses have no effect for upwards of twenty four hours.   Long term use of Clarity damages the minds of its users, with many users becoming reliant on Clarity for normal function and regressing to a frail, paranoid mental state between doses. Victims of Clarity addiction temporarily regain their sanity upon taking another dose but inevitably regress further after the dose wears, causing arguments about the relative morality of different methods of long term treatment. There is no known cure for Clarity addiction, and addicts only very rarely can break their reliance on the drug.

Manufacturing process

Clarity is refined from the serum of the whitestar ivy, a common ivy in Western Saibh. Serum is boiled and distilled for thirty days in a distillery before being ready for consumption.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Controlled substance, common
One dose of Clarity is about 4oz.
Clarity is sold in test vials of two inches.
Base Price
One dose of Clarity goes for roughly 12-15F.

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