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A Grimoire is a sacred and enchanted notebook, revered by magi throughout Crathlond for its extraordinary capabilities. Crafted by skilled artificers, a Grimoire is a valuable tool for recording arcane discoveries, taking meticulous notes, and conducting research on the intricate art of magic. What truly sets a Grimoire apart, however, is its enchantment—a mystical bond that intertwines it with the memory of its chosen owner.


  The origins of the Grimoire trace back to the first Grand Artificer of the Alonite Temple. This visionary individual crafted the very first Grimoire as a gift to unlock the secrets of magic. Since then, artificers have continued to craft these invaluable tomes, which are now sought after by magi throughout Crathlond, regardless of their affiliation.
The Grimoire's enchantment was a response to a profound challenge faced by magi—the difficulty of retaining and recalling intricate magical knowledge. The ancient runic scripts, glyphs, and spells that composed the foundation of their craft demanded an impeccable memory, a feat even the most gifted mages struggled to achieve.  

Magical Properties

  The true power of the Grimoire lies in its mystical bond with its chosen owner. Crafted with care by skilled artificers, Grimoires are imbued with the memory enchantment during their creation. Magi who possess Grimoires find these tomes indispensable, as they allow for the instant recall of anything recorded within their pages. Magical runes, intricate diagrams, complex incantations—no matter how esoteric or convoluted, a magus can effortlessly access their own notes and research on magic.
However, the Grimoire's memory enchantment has its limits. It is an exclusive bond, meant solely for the magus to whom it is imprinted. Only the owner can access the memory extension enchantment, which grants them the ability to recall their notes and research instantly. Others who attempt to access its secrets will find only the readable contents but will be unable to utilize the memory enchantment itself.  


  Grimoires are strictly personal and non-inheritable among magi. They are not passed down or inherited but are sought and acquired by individual magi, often through artificers skilled in crafting magical tomes. However, the knowledge contained within Grimoires is not lost to the ages.
Magi who possess Grimoires, upon passing, ensure the preservation of their magical studies. These Grimoires are brought to the Grimoire Vaults at the Sanctum of Alonsus, where they become part of an enduring legacy. Here, other magi may study them to expand their own Grimoires, ensuring that a magus's magical insights live on in the pursuit of arcane mastery. This exchange of knowledge safeguards against the loss of invaluable magical wisdom, except in the rare case where a Grimoire is destroyed.  

Seeking a Grimoire

  The process of obtaining a Grimoire varies among magi. Magi who train within the Alonite Temple receive Grimoires as they begin their education, using them to document their early studies and experiences. These Grimoires, initially crafted by artificers, are later imbued with the memory enchantment upon completing their training and demonstrating their commitment to the magical arts.
Outside the Alonite Temple, in countries that do not recognize the Temple's authority, Grimoires are sometimes acquired through different means. Artificers skilled in crafting magical tomes offer Grimoires for sale. These Grimoires, though not always sanctioned by recognized magical institutions, bear the same memory enchantment and capabilities.  


  A Grimoire's physical form varies, as each is a unique creation. Common features include ornate leather bindings, pages that seem to shimmer with an otherworldly glow, and cover designs adorned with intricate magical symbols. The size and style of a Grimoire are often chosen to match the preferences and tastes of its wielder, further enhancing the personal connection between magus and tome.
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