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Artificing is the intricate craft of fashioning artifacts and relics for magical purposes. Utilizing materials inherently imbued with magical energy, the artificer employs specialized tools and spells to refine their creations, shaping them into precise instruments of power and function.


Artificing, although a coveted art form, imposes notable restrictions on practitioners. Access to highly specialized and often costly tools is essential, while proficiency in magic is a prerequisite for success. Consequently, the craft remains largely monopolized by the Alonite Temple across much of Alon, limiting its widespread availability.

Social Impact

The art of artificing has emerged as a transformative force in societal advancement. Through this craft, the creation of specialized tools and artifacts with unique functions has become achievable, offering diverse assistance in fields such as arts, crafts, and handiwork. Notably, its integration into the weaponry industry has propelled the development of modern weapons and war machines powered by magic.


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