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The qualifications for being a page are as follows:   1) Gender: all pages are male. 2) Age: pages run in the age from twelve to twenty-one. 3) Education: all pages must be willing to recieve an education while preforming their duties, as in learning to read and write.

Career Progression

There are three main methods of progressing out of being a mere page. The first is to be noticed by a noble and offered the chance to become a squire, and thus eventually a knight. The second is to become a scribe in the royal household which you served as a page. The third option is to become a master of pages. With this third option you progress from page to senior page to junior master and finally pagemaster.   A page may also be elevated to the rank of an envoy if they show great promise. This is discussed between the pagemaster and the ruling class.

Payment & Reimbursement

Pages earn a copper a day plus are given room, board and clothing (both uniform and off duty clothes). This includes the aformentioned education.

Other Benefits

Guaranteed meals, clothes and a roof over your head while in the service to the ruling class. Pages are employed by all the ruling factions of Corrigenda except Thormalk. Though if a page is sent to Thormalk for official business they are shown the same respect as any envoy.



A page's main duties are to deliver messages between members of the house and staff. A member of the house includes any visiting nobility currently on the premises. They are also used to deliver meals to those who wish to remain in their rooms at meal times.

Social Status

Pages are often overlooked while doing their duties. That is unless they are forced to acknowledge a page's presence.


About 2% of a castle's population is made up of pages.


Originally a page was nothing more than another form of servant within a royal household. Over time they became simple messengers within the household, until the present where they are now a great source of intelligence for those in power. Pages see everything but are inconspicuous enough to be unremarked as they go about their duties.



The primary workplace of a page is the royal house. They have their own sitting rooms, adjacent to the maion office, where they wait for orders from the pagemaster. While they are waiting they are expected to be studying and so there are desks within the sitting rooms for penmanship practice.

Provided Services

Pages provide the service of passing information from one person to another, taking messages down, and delivering food and packages.
Public Services
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