Name: Tommasin Ebon Rahid Ebon Sarah Ebon Ophir Ebon Allahn (Tomma)
Concept: Soldier (Mubarizun)
Group Concept: Explorers
Personal Problem: Will not kill without the guidance of The Lady.
Icon: The Lady of Tears
Background: Grew Up on the Coriolis, with a Stationary background. Last location before campaign was Dabaran.   Class: Warrior
Background: Soldier

Str: 12 Dex: 14 (+1) Con: 11 Int: 10 Wis: 9 Cha: 7 (-1)

Level: 5 HP: 48 AC: 17 (Combat Armor + Dex)

Attack Bonus:5
Shoot: 8 Stab: 5 Punch: 6

Saving Throws:
Physical: 11 Evasion: 10 Mental: 11

Exert-1 (+1 for Dex exert), Notice-0, Punch-1, Shoot-2(+1), Sneak-0 (+1), Stab-1, Survive-0, Talk-0 (-1)

Alert: (Level 2) You cannot be surprised, nor can others use the Execution Attack option on you. When you roll initiative, roll twice and take the best result. You win all initiative checks, unless against another with lvl 2 Alert.
Die Hard: 2 HP/level (already figured). Automatically stabilize if mortally wounded by anything smaller than a Heavy Weapon
Unarmed Combat Unarmed combat does 1d8+punch skill damage, and has a shock value equal to your Punch skill to those with less than AC 15

Single Class Warrior Ability:
Once per scene, as an instant ability, you can either choose to negate a successful attack roll against you, or turn a missed attack roll you made into a successful hit. You can use this ability after dice are rolled, but it cannot be used against environmental damage, effects without an attack roll, or hits to a vehicle you're occupying.

Cybernetic Muscle: Move speed increased to 14m. Causes 1 permanent system shock.

Equipment Readied: (Up to 5 encumberance worth of items)
Combat Field Armor with Environmental Protection - AC 16, Enc 1
Mag Rifle - 2d8+2 kinetic damage, range 300/600, Enc 2, 10 shot magazine
3 Extra Magazines for Mag Rifle in Magazine Pouches (Enc 1)

Equipment Stowed: (Up to 11 encumbrance worth of items)
Field Radio (Enc 1)
3 additional magazines for Mag Rifle (Enc 1)
1 Founder's type A power cell (Enc 1)
Sword (Damage 1d8+2, shock 2 vs AC 13 or less) (Enc 1)

Tiny Stowed Equipment that Does not Cause Encumberance
Ident Card
Talisman from Ravonis for +1 to skill check

Equipment Owned but not carried
50 rounds for Mag Rifles
50 rounds for Mag Pistols
A brutally efficient killer, barely contained by a promise
Dark blue, stormy
Short, dark, tussled


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