Miraj al Sama

Miraj al-Sama

Miraj grew up on Coriolis and loves everything about space and nothing about planets. He always wanted to be a fighter pilot and worked hard to get here, hence the dedication to The Deckhand icon. Unfortunately, his mouthy comments landed him in hot water with his employers, The Nyala Corporation, who sent him far out to pilot the Orun II, a large ice hauler. There, he met and befriended Aaid, enjoying many good conversations of games of chess.   Class: Adventurer (Partial Expert/Partial Warrior)
Background: Spacer

Str: 9 Dex: 14 (+1) Con: 11 Int: 10 Wis: 12 Cha: 8

Level: 5 XP: 26 HP: 35 AC: 19 (ironhide + dex)

Attack Bonus:
Shoot: 6 Stab: 3 Punch: 3

Saving Throws:
Physical: 12 Evasion: 11 Mental: 12

Exert-0 (+1 for dex), Fix-0, Know-1, Lead-0 (-1), Notice-1, Pilot-2 (+1), Program-0, Punch-0, Stab-0, Shoot-2 (+1)

Starfarer 1: Automatically succeed at jump checks of difficulty 10 or less.
Gunslinger 2: Draw or holster stowed range weapon as a On Turn action. Add shoot skill to damage on hit. Reload ranged weapons as On Turn action. Even on a miss, you do a unmodified 1d4 damage with ranged attacks.
Ironhide 1: AC is 15+(level/2)+dex mod.
Metapsionics 0: Can sense when psychic abilities are used in the vacinity. +2 to saving throws against psychic attacks.

Equipment Readied: (Up to 4 encumberance worth of items)
Armored Vacc Suit - AC 13, Enc 2
Mag Rifle - 2d8+2 kinetic damage, range 300/600, Enc 2, 10 shot magazine

Equipment Stowed: (Up to 9 encumbrance worth of items)
3 extra magazines for Mag Riflel (Enc 1)
Communication Field Server IV--planet-wide (Enc 2)

Tiny Stowed Equipment that Does not Cause Encumberance
Ident Card
Talisman from The Gambler for +1 to pilot checks
Talisman from Ravonis for +1 to a skill check
Talisman from Ravonis for +1 to a saving throw

Equipment Owned but not carried
Crowbar + duck tape

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Possessed by Princess Kah

Former fighter pilot who hates planet-siders
Gender Identity
dark brown
short black
145 lb


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