Livea Kouri

Former temporary slave quartermaster of the Marara   Class: Expert
Background: Scholar

Str: 10 Dex: 11 Con: 8 Int: 14 (+1) Wis: 12 Cha: 9

Level: 5 HP: 23 AC: 13 (in vacc suit)

Attack Bonus:
Shoot: 3 Stab: 2 Punch: 2

Saving Throws:
Physical: 10 Evasion: 9 Mental: 10

Administer-0 (+1 for Int administer), Connect-1, Exert-0, Fix-1 (+1), Heal-1 (+1), Know-1 (+1), Notice-1, Punch-0, Shoot-1, Stab-0, Survive-0, Talk-0, Trade-1

Specialist - Level 2: Know roll 4d6 for know checks, keep highest 2
Connected: develop web of contacts in one week
Diplomat: Speak all languages in the sector, and become workable in new languages in a week. Reroll 1s on skill check dice related to negotiation or diplomacy

Single Class Expert Ability:
Once per scene you can reroll a failed skill check, taking the new roll if it's better.

Equipment Readied: (Up to 5 encumberance worth of items)
Armored Vacc Suit - AC 13, Enc 2
Mag Pistol - 2d6+2 kinetic damage, range 100/300, Enc 1, 6 shot magazine

Equipment Stowed: (Up to 10 encumbrance worth of items)
3 extra magazines for Mag Pistol (Enc 1)
This isn't Livea's complete equipment list

Tiny Stowed Equipment that Does not Cause Encumberance
Ident Card

Equipment Owned but not carried
Patrician outfit (-300 cost), Founders Coffee Mugs (4), 2 Founder's klaxons, Founder's Hookah w/ 40 doses of Arash

Archaeologist employed by the Nyala Corp on the Yara


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