Ilka the Faceless

Ilka the Faceless is a powerful wizard and a direct descendant of Sholyom Bartos IV, the last Ispan of Khezvaros. Since her return to Khezvaros 120 years ago, Ilka has built up a considerable power base in Old Town, which she claims control over under Mage Law. There is a general assumption that Ilka's ultimate goal is to amass enough power to chase the imperials out of the city, so far her actions have been more provocative than openly treasonous.   Ilka's epithet is quite literal. Her head is blank and featureless with no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or hair. This does not seem to disadvantage her in any way. Despite her lack of sensory organs, she can seemingly see, hear, and smell normally (or perform some magical equivalent) and from all accounts has transcended the need to eat or drink. She usually speaks telepathically, with her words appearing directly in the mind of the intended recipient, but also has the ability to make her voice emanate from the air around her. Both methods of communication are disconcerting to most people, especially when paired with Ilka's lack of facial features (and therefore expressions). According to most accounts, Ilka was very attractive in her youth, leading to stories that Ilka traded her beauty for her power and longevity (or possibly even immortality).
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with a slight silvery tint
120 lbs.
Charlize Theron

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