Borys the Hegyem

Borys the Hegyem

Borys Neschadymenko (a.k.a. Borys the Hegyem, Borys the Headsman, The Mayor of Little Hegyembi)

"I tell you what, we will handle this like we handle in Hegyembi. We call it Kozachi Sud  and it means 'Court of the Goat.' You see, I have a goat that I keep in shed. Here they call it a 'sineater goat.' Is a bad translation, but you have heard of them I think. The way the kozachi sud works is this: for the next seven days, you try to find a way to get my money, and for the next seven days I will not feed my goat. Then you come back here.   "If you come with enough money that will convince me you will repay the rest of the debt, then we make new deal with little extra to make up for goat's discomfort after week of not eating. We drink to our good fortune, I feed goat, and everyone is friends now.   "If you can't get money, I still give you fighting chance. You go into shed with goat and I lock door. You stay there for seven more days. There is more to it than this, but we talk about it later if we need. If goat eats you, debt is forgiven. If you make friends with goat and are both alive after week, half debt is forgiven. If you live and goat dies, I forgive all debt, but you owe me for goat now."  
--Borys Neschadymenko, on the principles of Hegyembi money lending

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Borys is getting old, but still has the strength and endurance of someone who's spent years attacking a mountain with a pick and hammer in the hope of convincing it to give up its treasures. Even though he has plenty of hired muscle around him, Borys is not above getting his hands bloody on occasion just to stay in practice.

Identifying Characteristics

Borys is missing his right eye and wears a patch that covers up the socket, but not the nasty scars that cover his cheek.

Apparel & Accessories

Borys always wears the traditional leather surcoat and papakha hat of the Hegyem.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Borys grew up in a Hegyembi mining camp and it's generally believed that the badge he still wears on his papakha reveals that he held some status in the community or the mine. It's a mystery what brought him to Khezvaros, but before his first year in the city was over he'd assumed leadership of the Pick and Lantern Gang and was well on his way to transforming them from a disorganized pack of goons and muggers into a respectable criminal enterprise that now controls the city's supply of Spite Bat venom (which is used in the production of Hulya's Breath). As the gang grew in power, Borys was able to exert increasing control over the Little Hegyembi neighborhood of Foreign Ward, which is why he's often called "The Mayor of Little Hegyembi."


Even though Borys seems rustic and provincial at first, it's clear that he has benefited from something approaching a formal education. He speaks several languages and is literate in most of them, has and advanced grasp of mathematics, and seems to have at least some knowledge of history, philosophy, and other foundational subjects.

Morality & Philosophy

Borys is unforgiving of weakness and can be indescribably cruel when crossed, but he has a strong sense of honor and always keeps his word.


Hobbies & Pets

A small herd of Sineater Goats.
Borys The Hegyem
Borys the Hegyem by Steve Johnson
One blue-gray eye. The other socket is covered by a patch.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tan and leathery
Aligned Organization
Rade Serbedzija

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