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Hulya's Breath

"Have you ever been Soulfaring? Using Hulya's Breath, but without the dangers of sending your soul to another plane of existence. The Lady's Breath unlocks the worlds that exist within your own mind, which can lead to a much more personally enlightening and enjoyable experience. The Ferrymen can reveal the wonders of the outer worlds, but the Dreamweaver unlocks the inner world of the self." 
--Niznauld Jau, drug dealer 


Material Characteristics

Hulya's Breath is a course reddish-brown powder. It has a sticky quality that allows it to be pressed into small clumps that hold together well but can be broken up into a fine powder using a knife (barber's razors or scalpels do the best job).

Physical & Chemical Properties

Hulya's Breath is normally burned like incense, but can be taken orally by mixing it with food or a beverage. Because of its tendency to clump, mixing it into liquid requires vigorous stirring and it still tends to leave dregs of solid powder that sink to the bottom. Combined with the strong taste of the powder, this makes it virtually impossibly to slip someone the drug in a beverage without them noticing.


The exact composition of Hulya's Breath is a closely-guarded secret, but most of its components are believed to be relatively common alchemical and herbal substances. The one difficult-to-obtain (and dangerous to handle) ingredient required to make the drug is Spite Bat venom, which in Khezvaros is usually supplied by the Hegyembi Pick and Lantern Gang.

Life & Expiration

As long as it is kept dry and not contaminated by foreign substances, Hulya's Breath remains effective indefinitely, but older powder seems to have a higher chance of leading to nightmarish experiences.

History & Usage


Hulya's Breath has been in use in Khezvaros since at least the time of the Dragon Kings, but was extremely rare for most of its history. Because of their access to Spite Bat venom, the drug began to become more prevalent with the growth of the city's Hegyem community. Under Borys the Hegyem's leadership over the last few decades, the Pick and Lantern game has established a reliable supply line for the venom, allowing manufacturers to produce it in higher quantities.

Everyday use

Because of its unpleasant taste, most people use Hulya's breath by inhaling smoke created by burning the powder. Regardless of how the powder is taken, it puts the user into a deep sleep during which they experience extremely vivid lucid dreams. In the vast majority of cases, these dreams are pleasant and enjoyable, and many claim that they often inspire valuable insights.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Despite the name, the drug is not utilized by worshippers of Hulya the Dreamweaver. In fact, they consider using the drug to be a minor form of blasphemy, since it denies dreamers the experiences prepared for them by the goddess.


Not all dreams granted by Hulya's Breath are pleasant. In addition to the occasional hard-to-accept truth revealed by a dream induced by the drug, a small percentage of experiences lead to terrifying nightmares that are difficult to escape due to the drug's strong sedative effect. In rare cases, users can become comatose and trapped in their nightmares.


Trade & Market

Because of their control over the Spite Bat venom trade, the Pick and Lantern gang exerts strong control over manufacturers of the drug.
Hulya's Breath is an expensive drug mostly used by the wealthy
While once rare, the drug is now readily available with those who can pay
The powdered form of Hulya's Breath has a coppery form. When burned, it smells like frankincense with hints of lavender
Hulya's Breath has a bitter taste that comes through even when mixed with flavorful food and drink.
The powder is reddish brown in color, but it produces multi-colored smoke when burned

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