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Daseus ji Peleiades

Majestor Daseus ji Peleiades

The previous Emperor (Majestor) of the Daurellian Imperium. He was assassinated a few years ago by a still unknown assailant. The assassin attacked the Emperor as he was in his garden and stabbed him with a poisoned blade, then stabbed himself. No one was ever able to identify the assassin or who he worked for, though his daughter believes he was sent by House Nardianes.   Assassination attempts are nothing new to House Peleiades. His father was killed in one, engineered by Daseus's mother. His grandfather was the subject of many, including one that left the entire right side of his face mutilated. His brother's entire family was burnt to death in a suspicious house fire.


Family Ties

727 AA 777 AA 50 years old
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
House Peleiades
Other Affiliations

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