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Clan Chareda

One of two shadowy assassin clans operating in the Chovantine Hegemony. Considered myths by most, as few know the truth of their existence, and some myths even refer to a third, even more dangerous clan. They kidnap young children and raise and train them as part of the clans. Only the most gifted reach adulthood.   They use a drug called Iyuda, that when prepared correctly allows the assassins of the Shadow Clans to step into the Hollow (a shadowy realm that is like the skin of the universe). Whilst in the Hollow, one step can equal 3 metres in the real world, thus giving the assassins a form of teleportation. It is very dangerous to be in the Hollow" for much longer than three steps as this ability is very "noisy to the hungry inhabitants of the Hollow. Iyuda is addictive though, and gives a sense of invincibility and confidence. This means that sooner or later the assassins end up as a meal for the creatures of the Hollow. Prolonged exposure to Iyuda also makes the assassin sterile.   Clan Chareda is based in the city of Raigan, and led by Pummam su Chareda.

Guild, Assassins

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