Tagon is the manipulation of Termoyl in such an interpretive way so as to complete a task. There are several sub-genres of Tagon, most infamously, Terokon. Tagon was a widely accepted use among the Vai worlds, but ironically not as prominent in Tornia, where the Terrasque resides. Tagon is used as a means of uses ranging from healing to killing, and is only limited by the user's imagination, and dedication. In the Old World, Tagon was used mainly in Tornia as a means of construction use, and minor appliance repairs such as relighting a pilot light. In Vai, it was much more applied, ranging from weapons of war, to entire schools for the learning of Tagon, such as the Floating City in Untalo.   Tagon is purely a mental exercise. The manipulation of Tagon is consistent with the user's ability to multitask, plan ahead, extrapolate information, and maintaining discipline.


Authors are Tagon Mages capable of creating massive constructs of Termoyl to perform a specific purpose. The Author typically starts with a base, although they often require at least two people to operate, with some requiring as many as seven. These large constructs are called Spells, and they have been used both in warfare and in progress. Only Authors can create Spells, but anyone who knows the exercise can join in. It requires years of training to achieve just one as an Author.    


Spells are multi-stage Termoyl constructs used to achieve a specific task. The most famous and recent development is the Artillery Spell, utilized by the Executio during the Tamper City Wars. There are several other Spells as well, three of which are labeled below:   Airsealing Airsealing is the ability to seal in a specific area and make it airtight. This is a low-level Spell, and often only requires two people (2p), although can be achieved by just one master mage. This is used most commonly against Carbon Clouds.   Artillery Artillery is a four-man, four piece (4p) Spell. It consists of the base, constructed by the Author, the barrel, the fuse, and the projectile. These four components create a veil of artillery power equivalent to that of a 150mm shell.   Mending The Mending Spell is the collection of several healer users on typically a mass of injured personnel. By forming a network, an Author can organize the power of each mage involved, and accurately assess individual patient needs to allocate more Termoyl. This is typically a five piece (5p) Spell.  


  In Tagonic combat, a user may apply a combination of mental acuity and body coordination to perform their tasks. The types of combat roles are far too numerous to list, but all combat masters are aware of the dynamic between the mind, the body, and the environment which surrounds the user.  


The environment around the user is an incredibly important and perhaps the most imperative of details surrounding Tagonic combat. A user must be aware of the amount of Termoyl their provided arena. The reasoning is reliant on the dynamic between External and Internal Termoyl.   Internal Termoyl is the Termoyl which is stored in the user's Termoyl Gland, located near the spine below the rib cage, although it is proportionally larger in some Diphrin species. Internal Termoyl is what keeps the user alive, and the use of it is an absolute last resort when in a combat situation. Internal Termoyl cannot be controlled by another user.   External Termoyl is the Termoyl which resides in the environment, dormant until activated. It is most common around flora, although sometimes orbits around fauna in small numbers. External Termoyl is what fuels almost every interaction with Termoyl in a Tagonic conflict. External Termoyl can be interacted by any user on the field.  


Tagonic Jurisdiction is the attempt to control all Termoyl in a given environment. In a battle, the more Termoyl a user controls, the more efficient and effective their abilities may be. There are several ways to achieve jurisdiction, but the key to all of them is situational awareness.     Denial Denying an enemy the use of any external Termoyl to an enemy is a severe blow to the enemy. Denial, among other ways, can be achieved by exercising a tactic known as a spread and disable. This allows for your Termoyl to send out an instantaneous pulse to deactivate all external Termoyl cells in a given area. This will also deactivate any Termoyl cells under your jurisdiction.   Rush Tactics Rush tactics include pushing an enemy until they have to either concede or push back to a new environment. The latter is important, because it gives the user more leeway in obtaining more Termoyl to control, however so does the enemy. Rush tactics can only be achieved at their best if the user is aware of a way to corner their opponent posthaste.   Pillboxing/Safeguarding Safeguarding is a method where the user stands their ground against an opponent, utilizing prominent defense as a proportionate offense. A user can achieve this by creating a pillbox ward, which is a three dimensional prism capable of defending oncoming attacks from all angles, typically in the form of either a sphere, pyramid, or rectangular prism.   Each of these methods have varying undertones and separate ways of play, for they are just the base concepts for the different types of Tagonic combat.


Tagon can also be used for menial tasks as well. For instance, in the Old World Era, Tornun construction workers used a series of Tagonic pullies to quickly lift high-tonne materials. Tagon has also been used for healing, such as relieving pain in burn patients.  


Healing in Tagon is directed by understanding the patient's anatomy. An expert Tagonic healer must know any possible side effects their healing may have, and so many Tagonic healers often ask patients about medical history or recent injuries to get a more accurate estimate on how the patient's body may respond to the healer's Termoyl. In Tagonic healing, there are several sub-types which indulge in the complex anatomies of each organ of the body. Here, three basic types will be labeled as follows:     Counteractant Counteractant healing is tracking possible septic harm in a patient via using Termoyl to analyze blood/oxygen levels, and heart rate. By doing so, they can easily ascertain if a poisonous substance has entered the patient's body. Highly skilled counteractant healers can easily extract compounds from a patient's body.   Surgical Surgical healing is the repair of flesh-based injuries using Termoyl. Alone, a surgical healer may not be able to heal deep cuts or broken bones alone, unless they risk harm themselves. Instead, many surgical healers typically use their Termoyl as a painkiller. However, more skilled healers can cooperate with a patient's Termoyl to perform the same or similar tasks as the healer requests. This allows the systemic function of two bodies working to heal one, which accelerates the process. Any additional healers may also accelerate the process.   Meditative/Mental Mental healers are ones which direct their Termoyl towards a patient to mend mental wounds. A mind, however, cannot be controlled, and so the patient must also be willing to perform Tagonic therapy. While it was widely regarded as sinful and destructive in Tornun, the citizens among the Vai continents use it as a valid form of psychiatric relief.

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