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The Message of Cher Ami

The homing pigeon Cher Ami is probably one of the most famous war hero animals of The World War I. The story of his brave flight to deliver a battalion-saving message is well-known to anyone who has been awake on their history lessons. But what truly happened with the message is unknown to the wider audience and stays only in the knowledge of the agents of The Royal Society Publishing.

In-Game, Winona Gallagher and Enzo Franco were on a mission to check why the readings were off during this certain point in time. They found out that someone tried to tamper with the message of Cher Ami and change the course of history. The Dynamic Duo was able to apprehend the criminal and take him into custody before he was able to go through with his plan of killing the brave pigeon. The man, who had went by the name of Raymond Blackburn, was revealed to be an agent of Societas Fraudis - The British Isles called Darcy Scott.


To inform the headquarters of the location of the lost battalion and make the soldiers on their own side to stop bombing the encircled battalion.

Historical Details


The 77th Division led by Major Charles White Whittlesey were advancing during The Meuse-Argonne-Offensive, but as the supporting troops on their both sides began to stall, they got encircled by The Germans. The battalion also ended up being the target of friendly fire from their allies, who did not know of their location but expected them to be on the other side of certain slope. For six days they tried to get a message through the enemy lines, but the first and second pigeons were shot down. The third one, Cher Ami, was gravely injured by enemy fire, but managed to fly 40 kilometres to the Headquarters carrying a message which saved the Lost Battalion from a certain death.


Cher Ami got awarded a war medal of his services, but sadly the pigeon did not live too long. It died less than a year after the incident. Its body has been stuffed and it is on display at The Smithsonian Institute.
Report, Military
Authoring Date
On October 3, 1918


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