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Maximilian Hardwick

Maximilian Lewis Hardwick. A priest who helped the sick in a small parish near London. Who would have thought he would have been able to commit such vile acts which were brought to light by the brave agents of The Royal Society Publishing? The case of teenage murders was a talk of the whole UK in the magical circles during the autumn of 2015.

In-Game, Gawain Wallace MacBeth and Morrigan Crow tracked down the killer of magical teenagers and in the end of the tracks found a young priest, who didn't seem to be alright. It turned out he had a split personality and had been committing crimes without the other persona knowing of it in full extend.

Mental characteristics


He studied under Arthur Carlisle and that was most likely his first taste with magic. After things went awry with a spell, the group was disbanded: Maximilian and Julius Abernathy got the worst of it, Leona Wayland took completely different direction and became a hairdresser, Terese Shipp died few years later and  Constance Emara fled with the small egg resulted from the spell and took care of it until it hatched into a small boy, Benny. 
Maximilian felt like his former mentor Carlisle had betrayed him and used them to get what **he** wanted.


He became an Anglican priest.

Mental Trauma

The spell which went wrong had messed his head up very badly and in the end his personality split into two. The original Maximilian turned evil, full of vengeance and ruthlessness, and Lewis, the softer, priestly side  was the one who tried to atone for the sins of their both. A proper Jekyll and Hyde case.
Dark, slightly wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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