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Professor Theobald

Professor Clint Norbert Theobald

Professor Theobald is the head professor of the Salire Institute of Technology. He has taught many of the brightest minds of the city and sits on the council of Salire as the main scientfic advisor of the council. He has also had a hand on many of the scientfic advances in the city in recent years and hand picks who gets to run the different projects of the city.   Recently he has been trying to create a list of apprentices to carry on his work in case something happens to him. In hopes that the advancement of the city and his legacy continues. It is also to let each apprentice take on one of the many goals in research that he doesn't have the time to do with all his responsibilities.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An aging man who does his best to keep himself in shape. Making sure to exercise through out the day even if it's just walking to everywhere he needs to go. Preferring to walk than ride in a stagecoach.

Body Features

A thin but strong build due to the training he does to keep himself fit.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A man born in the slums who sought to live a better life than what his family could afford him. He met an old man who started his path by giving him a book on science and technology. He would finish the book within a week only to seek out more. With each book he finished his thirst for knowledge grew.   That was when he was given a chance though the old man connections to join the Salire Institute of Technology. Once there he would prove himself and end up graduating with honors. This allowed him to take the lead on many research projects that would aid in the Imperials war against the Beast Clans.   With each success his place in society grew. In time he will get a seat at the council table and control of the Institute. With this power he would expand the knowledge of the city and teach students that would further advance the scientific power of the city. Chief among them are the three students he considers his apprentices.


His early education was in one of the many orphanages established in the slums. There he would prove himself and continue to learn at the Salire Institute of Technology. Where he would graduate as the best of the class.


Delivery Boy:   One of his first jobs before going to the Salire Institute of Technology was a delivery boy in the slums. It is through this job that he would meet the old man that would guide him to becoming a student of the Institute.   Intern at the Salire Military Labs:   Theobald interned at the Salire Labs where he worked in developing different weapons and devices for the war effort. Proving his skills by being one of the best researchers at the labs.   Engineer at Carson Mining Corp:   When his internship finished he took a job at Carson Mining to aid in tracking valuable resources. It is here where he discovered the Green Ore that is sometimes known as Green Iron.   Doctor at Salire Medical:   Chief Professor at the Salire Institute of Technology:   Representative of Science on the Noble Council:

Accomplishments & Achievements

Joined the Salire Institute of Technology:   Clint Theobald was introduced to the professors of the institute thanks to the aid of a well connected old man. Given a chance to prove his potential he was given a test he passed which lead to him getting a scholarship to the institute.   Graduated from the Institute:   Interned at the Salire Labs:   Developed Advance Weapons for the Empire:   Joined Carson Mining as head Engineer:   Discovered Green Ore:   Joined Salire Medical:   Developed medicines and tonic:   Developed the Method of Forging the Green Ore:   Became Chief Professor of the Salire Intitute:   Took a Set on the Noble Council as the Science Represenative:

Personality Characteristics


Professor Theobald's main motivation in life is to fulfill Professor Pearce desire for the advancement of humans. To do this he would create the Human Evolution Project. That would guide his research and even make him impart those desires on his students.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Savvies:   Professor Theobald understand many things and has many skills. His main knowledge is based on science and magic. How either can aid in his goals of achieving the evolution of humans. The studied many things along the way in search of some great truth.   Ineptitudes:   Theobald lacks knowledge on dealing with kids and finds himself confused when ever he's put in a place where he has to deal with them.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes:   He likes apples and tea. The research he does and anyone who has a desire for knowledge.     Dislikes:   He dislikes kids and anyone who he considers annoying. He also has no desire of dealing with those who lack a desire for knowledge. Finding those who go out of their way to learn nothing as useless fools.

Wealth & Financial state

He started as a slum kid to become upper class thanks to his intelligence and hard work. He has little debts as he is rather good at managing his money.  He also has some investments in some of the companies he worked at over the years thanks to some of his discoveries.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Professor:   The Noble Council Science Advisor:   Head Professor:
Quotes & Catchphrases
Mankind can must be willing to do anything they can to stand side by side the races that rule the world.
Known Languages
He knows how to Speak Basic and the Language of the Zid Vallen. He also has knowledge on a few tribal languages humans use to speak along withe language of the Lazari and Volza. This has been useful in his research into their past.

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