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Children of the Slum

Children of the Slum is the description given to anyone born from the slum. Mainly given to those who were raised in orphanages in the slums. Many of these children take pride in their connection to the slums and try their best to prove themselves worthy of those who came before. While many will end up slaving away in factories or mines. Some will end up in gangs or doing other illegal work.   The slum kids do all they can to survive in a world that had them at the bottom from the day they were born. Some of the top individuals of the city have a history of being from the slums. From Professor Theodore to some of his apprentices being of the slums. Even a few who now run their own business and have become the staple of the ever changing city.


Historical figures

The Freelancer is a well known figure to the children of the slum. A slum kid who proved themselves through hard work and taking risks. Bagging a treasure that anyone near the core would die to get their hands on.

Major organizations

The Gangs of Salire:   The Unbroken:   Freelancers:

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