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Qasmus Het'ai

"They invaded our home, stole our land and killed our families. And for what? To satisfy their endless greed and for us to fight in their continental wars. Are you ok with that? No? Well, I ain't either! I can't sit back and let them have their way. I want to fight! And i'll do it 'til i draw my last breath in this world or until i parade with my fellow men in the streets of Qyrisal as we celebrate our victory and watch their ships sail away.   "If you join us, i expect you to do the same."
-Qasmus, leader of the Dragonknights, talking to a group of potential recruits.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Qasmus is a tall, strong and bulky dragonkin man, especialy in his dragonkin hybrid form, but also even in his human form. This is thanks to many years of training as a member of the The Dragonknights. He is trained in close quarter combat, with with and without weapons, as well as in Archery.

Body Features

In human form, Qasmus has pointed ears and red slited eyes, alluding to his dragonkin status. His dragonkin hybrid form is of a fire dragonkin, which is the rarest of the 4 subspecies. Despite being a large person, he isn't particulary big for his species, but simply average.

Special abilities

Qasmus is a dragonkin shapeshifter of the fire sub-species, meaning that he can take on the form of a hybrid between human and fire Dragons. In this form, he possesses the ability to fly for long distances and in high altitude thanks to his large wings. He also aquires a powerful tail equiped with sharp bone blades and sharp claws and horns, all of which he can use in combat very effectively. Hard as steel, red scales cover much of his body, offering the same protecting as the best human armour, without being cumbersome like one. However, despite some dragonkin having natural elemental abilities, he does not.

Specialized Equipment

Along with a bow and quiver, and a dagger and long sword, Qasmus also has an amethyst talisman in the form of a colar.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Qasmus was born in 339 AC, in the City of Qyrisal, located in the Vechor Islands. His father was a merchant while his mom was an artisan at home. He was an only child who grew up in Qyrisal and lived a humble but confortable live with his parents.   In spring 352, the vechor islands were invaded by the Kingdom of Nhaggoria by air and sea. A fleet of Winged ships arrived over Qyrisal and bombed large sections of the city. Qasmus and his father were in the later's shop when the bombs dropped. His father was killed when the building collapsed on them.   Qasmus managed to extract himself from the ruble and use his underdeveloped wings (He was only 13 years old at the time) to fly away towards their house where his mother was. While getting there, he witnessed the chaos unfolding in the capital in the first few hours of the invasion. He arrived home to find his mom already dying from an arrow shot in the neck. She died in his arms.   Soon after, he joined other Dragonkins as they flew up to the fleet of ship, managing to take down a large number of them by landing on them and cutting ropes, ripping metal sheets and killing the soldiers on board, even under heavy arrow fire and against soldiers equiped with Battans.   However, the battle on the ground was soon lost and the city fell to the Nhaggorian army. Qasmus was hit by an arrow while bording a winged ship and he fell down, in a forest outside the city. He fell unconscious as he hit the ground but was rescued and brought far away from danger.   After only a year, most of the archipelago was under Nhaggorian occupation, even if the native resistance was fierce. Qasmus was now in the town of Matan, on Donte island which was still independant and full of refugies from the other islands. After a few months, the island finaly surrendered after the Nhaggorian army began to encircle the island and threatening an invasion.   Qasmus was furious. He wanted to fight against them, but the people around him were scared and traumatised by the brutal invasion and wanted peace. Aged only 15 now, he started plotting a way to take back the islands, but it wouldn't be until many years later that an opportunity would present itself to him.   During the following years, the nhaggorian occupation grew increasinly worse and more violent. Colonists were brought from the mainland and settled in Dragonkin villages, while the original population was chased away or forced to work for them. Many who resisted or rose up in small revolts were killed. While native humans also hated the Nhaggorians, it was generaly worse for the Dragonkins and it quicky became a full on crisis as many turned against the occupiers.   The Dragonknights were founded soon after, in the year 358 AC and Qasmus eagerly joined them a few weeks later. The group, based off in Matan, organised resistance attacks against the Nhaggorians, both soldiers and colonists, killing many and earning a quiet admiration from the oppressed native population all around the archipelago.   In the year 366 AC, the leader and original founder of the Dragonknights was killed by an assassin hired by the Nhaggorians and after wining a series of Boyeken Battle to determine who would lead them next, Qasmus became the new leader of the Dragonknight and has been for the past 4 years.

Failures & Embarrassments

He still somewhat blames himself for what happened to his parents, almost 20 years ago. However, he knows who the real culpables are.

Mental Trauma

The memory of losing both of his parents in the span of a couple hours when he was just 13 years old has taken a heavy toll on Qasmus. He has had many nightmares about it, but thankfully, they seem to have receeded in recent years, as his mind is constantly preoccupied with the rebellion he's leading.
Current Status
Leading an ongoing rebellion in the Vechor Islands
Date of Birth
5th of june
City of Qyrisal
Current Residence
A log cabin in the woods outside the town of Matan, in the Vechor Islands
Large and round Red eyes
Short black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned skin / Red and beige scales
2,1m / 6'8" ft
Bulky / Brawny
Aligned Organization
Qasmus is focused on only one goal, ever since he lost his parents. He wants to liberate his home, the Vechor Islands, from occupation and exploitation from the Kingdom of Nhaggoria.


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