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Harvest Festivals in Arros

Harvest Feast are very popular all over Arros. They exist to celebrate the end of the harvest season, which depending on the region happens from mid-august september in the north, to late october in the south. These generaly last a couple days, during which the people will eat, drink, pray and otherwise celebrate the harvest. The better the harvest was, the larger the celebrations can be. These festivals are ususaly celebrated in concordance with all three major religions present on the continent.   

In Rumalia

The Rumalians in the north celebrate either in early august to mid-september. During the feasts, they send prayers to the Great Spirit, an all powerful being of many forms, which they believe watches over the world and keeps balance in the world and a balanced world brings bountiful harvests.  

In Solian Arros

The south and south-west is dominated by Solianism and as a consequence of that and the less harsh winters allowing for crop growth year round, they have the most moddest celebrations. Despite this, festivals are held in major cities, where the inhabitants get a couple days off where they can celebrate with their family. The city of Vrahlis is known for many things around the world, and their harvest festival is one of the most popular on the continent.  

In Choranian Arros

Choranism dominates the central and eastern regions of Arros. Here, the festivals are more alike the ones in Rumalia, where people gather together and celebrate the harvest and pray to Choran for a bountiful harvest the next year. Moreover, the practive of giving offerings of food to dead ancestors is an integral part of the celebration and the practice itself is now near exclusively done during the festival, as opposed to every month, when Veos is full.  

MmmMmmm..... Foooood

In all cases, the people gathered together will eat similar foods, with regional differences. Pies, either filled with meat and veggies, or fruits, are especialy prevalant, thanks to their simplicity and taste. Boeaf, mutton and pork stews are also very popular as are soups and porriges. Apple and strawberry tarts are also very popular deserts, aswell as pumkin and apple pie. Wine, beer, cheese and bread are also consumed in large quantities during the festivals's feasts


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Oct 10, 2023 21:46 by Enoris Leinwand

Stuffing oneself with pies and celebrating harvest ? Sounds amazing ! I can bet people in Vrahlis have all sorts of pies to adapt to different ethnies, which would be a very fun event to go to !

Oct 10, 2023 23:23 by Ephraïm Boateng

Indeed! People of Vrahlis are blessed with the best foods from all over the continent!