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Bloodspines are a dangerous form of carnivorous plant life that live in the most remote parts of the desert regions of both southern Samaria and Mahador. Their form aren't very varied, as they almost always consist of a tall, spine-like dark trunk, with 4 or five large red leaves at the very top. From afar, it gives the illusion of a somewhat weird looking palm tree.  


From the sparce records that scholars have about this plant, it is said that when a person encouters this plant, they will catch a smell so alluring that the person loses their inhibition and are drawn to it. Once the person is close enough to the plant, it will detect the vibrations in the sand, using an array of tendrils located just a couple centimetres under the surface, and these will send alerts to the main plant body of the presence of a prey.   The plant will then use specialized roots covered in spikes to sting the prey, with very high accuraty. The spikes are as strong as iron and its spead and hardness means it can peirce through most protection. The spikes are filled with a paralizing poison that almost immediatly renders then stung area numb. Since the prey will probably be stung in multiple areas, generaly on the foot or lower leg, this makes escaping far enough away from the range of the plant near imposible, especialy if the person is alone.  


Once the prey falls to the ground, they may get stung some more, further paralizing them. After a couple minutes, new roots will emerge under the person and attach themselfes to the unmoving prey. Then they will begin sucking the blood of the prey while it is still alive. After a couple seconds, the large leaves of the main plain body will turn bright red and raise themselves high towards the sun. The plant will also then begin to produce a very nausiating smell that is likely meant to push away other prey around the area from it.  


After a couple hours, the prey's body will be near depleted of blood and it will then now definetly die. The roots that had attached themselves to the body retreat back into the sand. The corpe is left to rot but it has been observed that Graxin spiders sometimes venture towards those plants to retreive the body, no doubt consisting a feast for them in such an environement. Curiously, despite their large size, generaly being the height and weight of a human child, they do not trigger the plant's tendrils. Perhaps the plant knows that they dont have the same type of blood that mammals and reptiles do.  

Biological or Magical?

While bits of roots, leaves and trunk have been collected before, no seed, flower or pollen has been found, which scholars find strange. A baby speciment of a Bloodspine has never been observed, nor any dead speciment. The plants are rumoured to enter a state of dormance when they do not catch a prey for a long time. However, they spring back up to life when their tenrils senses movement. Some have speculated that similarly to the Noxshrooms inhabiting the floor of the dense jungles of northern Mahador, bloodspine may be more magical then the average plant, which may explain such a sophisticated predation method and endurance in such a harsh environement.  

Kill it with fire... or dont.

The roots and trunk are very fire resistant. However, the leaves can be burned, especialy if the plant did not consume blood for a while. The whole plant is sensitive to sudden freezing, especialy the trunk, which may crack if frozen suddenly. This is likely the reason the plant lives only in places where the temperature doesnt become freezing.


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Oct 20, 2023 18:14

you must have heard of the vita carnis series on YouTube. there is something very similar.   the Harvester. Dont know if you know about it or not so im just making it known.

Oct 20, 2023 18:18

i just read the rest. very strange plant. the harvester hunts to live but yours seems like it does it just cause

Oct 20, 2023 19:32 by Ephraïm Boateng

Oh yes, I've seen Vita Carnis, its a really cool analog horror series. The harvester was definitely a heavy inspiration for the Bloodspine. Actually, the Bloodspine manages to live by drinking animal blood, not water. and there's rumors that the plant may not be entirely natural...   Anyways, thanks for your comment!

Jan 8, 2024 18:52 by Enoris Leinwand

This plant is spooky for sure ! I would hate to leave anywhere near that monster ! This was a great article, as the threat was clearly stated. I love how we focused on scholars. However, this left me with some questions. For instance : are some part of it used by some ? It should be expensive ! But is it unknown, or poorly known ? Is it used for a signature poison of an organisation ? I just want to know if there are people, other than scientists, who are crazy enough to get close to it on purpouse, and talented enough to survive to tell the tale !

Jan 9, 2024 00:15 by Ephraïm Boateng

Im glad you find it spooky, since i wanted to create something creepier than normal carnivorous plants. As for your questions, well, i plan to eventually make a proper species article on the bloodspine, where i'll rework some of its biology and the history of its discovery and study. Stay tuned!