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Telling Time

After the Cataclysm, when the worlds came together, it was difficult to agree on both a measurement of time and a way to track the year--all these calculations had to be redone, in a sense, for Airth as a planet. What followed then were a series of compromises the people made in order to accomodate to one another.
Gravity on Airth is less than that of Earth, and is equal to 0.76 relative to an Earth-like gravity. This is because Airth as a planet is 1.15 times the size of Earth.   Thank you, this has been an "Elf Shoes" Ted Talk.

Ancient Ways to Track Time

When it came to measuring the moments of time, The Gols were consulted for their ingenious clocks. As predominantly a subterranean species, they were expert miners, and had access to peizoelectricitrical crystals. Some of these were very particular in that they resonated to the sound of muscle contractions. This was later refined such that a heartbeat set the pace of time for all races, namely the Golish heartbeat. This is why “seconds” are called such because of the way the heartbeat works—pushing out and drawing back in—the iconic “blub-dub”. It is on the second and end of the heartbeat that a full second is counted.  
Intervals of a Day
  From there, as Common became the predominant language due to the influence of Tarans, the rest of time was divided into minutes and hours. Most races, however do not use this kind of minutia, and instead have taken to the use of intervals: There are six intervals in a day roughly divided up into four hour groups—to a Taran.   There is Dawn, Morning, Noon, Dusk, Night, and Midnight. This makes up a 24-hour day cycle. but what this does instead is set up six intervals at which bells are rung to match with a work day rather than an exact calculation of the day. As such, a city with access to a central clock might refer to Dawn as First Bell, And Midnight as the Sixth Bell. Colloquial distinctions exist all across Airth, and tend to match the people’s direction of a day.  

How a Year Passes in Chimera

The Ievlenian calendar was among the first calendars collectively conceived by the people. It tracks the Dread Moon Pelagia as it phases into and out of existence. It tracks the moon Silverglass as it waxes and wanes, and it tracks Solah, the smaller and secondary sun of Frith, as it moves around Frith.  

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I love the detail that you have placed into telling time and your calendar, which this time it is telling. The 6 bells are simple and easy to visualize and I love the Moon's. They will be great to expand on.   If you ever want to poke the css of you calendar I started the Well of Ages as a calendar repository.  

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