The Shell

The expanse I want to write about is the SHell. The shell is a cosmic sphere that encapulates the entire universe, but as it is one of the many spheres in the multiverse, one can try to jump across the shells, the spheres, also known as "loops" to hop across to other multiverses, planes of existance - it's all very much a gamble really - not an exact science. I want to evoke a sense of mystery, cthuhlu and eldritch wonder at the connection of space-time. Truly, no one has ever escaped the shell and gone beyond the multiverse to that dark and grey expanse where the gods live entirely separate from the lives of mortals, though try as they might to reach in. To the perspective of a god the world ahead of them is a gumball machine and what they try to externally manage is to keep as many gumballs in the machine as possible. this is not as easy as it sounds as many gods seek to increase their power by snacking on the gumballs. Now, as gum is not edible - so too are the individual shells - they are a vessel of life as a body is - nothing more. Thus when a "gumball" loses it's flavor - it is out of life to digest. Ah to be swallowed by a god or to see its cosmic teeth clamp down on existance only for a thousands voices to call out and all at once be silenced. Think of that the next time you eat anything >w>. Beyond that - the shells function to keep the contents of its dwellers inside safe. There are besing aside from gods that live in the dark gaps between universes that seek to swipe and catch anything in between. So, while there are natural laws that keep one grounded to their plane of existance, so too is there something there that swipes and seeks to catch if anything or anyone attempts to bridge those wide and limnal gaps.

Cover image: Art Chimera by Madeline M


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