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Keros Auroch

Keros Aurochs are the most common kind of Auroch and are thus referred to as an Auroch, which has created a limited view of this beast. It is a massive beast, standing high above most, if not all men. While its ancestors were fiercely territorial in the wild, its domesticated cousin, Urus d. familis, is a humble bovine, but with not without a fearsome appearance of two horns at its crown and two jutting out from its nose.

Basic Information


An Auroch is a quadruped bovine with two horns at it's crown and two horns on it's snout.   A mature Auroch has a height of 60-75cm at its shoulder with a body length of 250 centimeters. Most Aurochs in colder regions tend to weigh around 700 kg, while its summery counterparts will weight closer to 500 kg.   The weight difference accounts for the amount of fat the body will naturally store and the additional stimulation of keratin (hair, nail, and horn growth as such, winter Aurochs will tend to have longer horns. This means that horn length will vary similarly, with crown-horns being anywhere from 45-80 cm, and nose-horns approximately being 15-25 for the larger, most distal horn, and 5 - 15 for the most proximal, smaller horn; as a sidenote, very rarely are they the same size. The horns will range in color from a dark brown, nearing black, to a browned grey.   Due to sexual dimorphism in the species, a female Auroch will only have nose-horns and will be less expressed. Due to this, they tend to have slimmer faces.   With the amount of horns on their skull and keeping a relatively bovine shape, Auroch skulls are very wide, but straight and sturdy.   To support this structure, the Auroch has a very thick neck and high shoulder blades. To compensate, the back legs of an Auroch are thick and very muscular. This keeps the center of gravity fairly centered.   The hair of an Auroch is very bristly and coarse but very thin. It juts out from the thick, leathery skin, but otherwise is not prominent except in colder climates, where they become more woolly.   Typically, unless killed earlier for their meat, Aurochs tend to live about 30-45 years.
Scientific Name
Urus diceros familis
Wild Cattle
Conservation Status
LC- Least Concern

Cover image: Art Chimera by Madeline M


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