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Armor Ranked Skill

Armor can be divided into three separate categories: Light, Medium, and Heavy. These divisions are not arbitrary; each armor type come with varying perks, draw-backs, but most importantly--defense. An armor’s defense subtracts damage from incoming weapon attacks. An armor’s defense increases with its rank. A character can wear armor up to and equal to their Armor ranked skill.  
A player wearing armor above their rank, they do not benefit from the additional perks and cannot gain any advantage from wearing or using their armor, but still benefits from the defense of the armor. When rolling an evasion check, the player may use die equal to their Armor Ranked Skill.
  There are 5 main ranks of Armor, which correlates with the Ranked Skills of both: Improvised (Rank 1), Salvaged (Rank 2), Common (Rank 3), Refined (Rank 4), and Masterwork (Rank 5). For armor, the rank increases the defense, or damage reduction, of the armor by one.

Armor Flaws

Armor flaws are gained when a lethal weapon attack against you critically hits. Armor can take as many flaws as it has defense. When this reach zero, it break. When it break, it loses 1 rank, and raise back up to one defense until repaired or critically hit again. If an armor is Rank 1 and is reduced to zero defense, it breaks completely and can no longer be repaired; as a benefit, the armor no longer takes up space in one's inventory.  
Armor must be repaired or at full defense capacity before its rank can increase (again). When armor is repaired in this way it regains full defense equivalent to its rank.

List of Armors

The prices of armors will be in Guilder ( อ ), one of the currencies most notable within Chimera’s universe. These do not take into account Guilder’s imports and exports, but instead a general market value.   Armors in Chimera are fairly special, as the innate properties of the world around the player character will reflect into the armor made; this is simply how magic works in the world, but moreso, it gives concrete advantages to wearing some armors over others.   Some notes about each armor types: 1) Light armor provides the least defense, but increases mobility and one's ability to sneak around; while they cannot wear inner wear, they can wear outerwear; 2) Medium armor is the most versatile, providing a middling amount of defense at the cost of some speed; Medium armor wearers can choose between wearing inner or outer wear, but not both; 3) Heavy Armor provides the most defense but greatly at the cost of one's agility and one's ability to be sneaky; while heavy armor wearers cannot wear outer wear, they can wear inner wear. Additionally, Light Armors are Medium Sized , while Medium Armor and Heavy Armor are Large Sized.  
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