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Once thought to be a mythical creature, based on rumours throughout the South, there have been sightings of griffin riders in recent years. As far as the legend goes, a pride of griffins was captured by the Assassin Order, and has been bread by them ever since. They are used as transport mounts that can take them quickly and stealthily across the world. Only given out to the highest ranked members of the order.   Part lion, part eagle, the griffin combines the best of both worlds. It's unclear if they came naturally or were somehow created, but a griffin is as strong as a lion and as powerful as a great eagle. With a wing span of over eleven metres, it's able to carry itself, a rider, and some other limited load. Although they are not naturally very aggressive creatures, they are trained to defend their rider, employing powerful beak and claw attacks. They are capable of moving quickly and are great natural hunters.   Since dragons left the world, riding griffins has become a lot less dangerous. While during their time they did not outright attack griffins themselves, dragons took less that kindly to those who sought to tame and control these proud and noble creatures.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Griffins are born, carried by their mother for several months, then they are born. When they come into the world they are small but already able to stand on their own and walk around, and in the first couple of months they double in size, learning to hunt small animals like rats. After that, they slowly mature, and after their fifth year are usually big enough to be mounted.

Ecology and Habitats

The precise birthplace of the griffins isn't known in this day and age, but the originate somewhere from the south. Despite that, they seem to prefer the cool, rocky climate of the assassin stronghold, and they gravitate to the darkness and coolness of caves higher up when travelling across the world.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Griffins have excellent sound perception and incredible sight, being able to see small details very far away, excellent for tracking prey from the skies.


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