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Washi X83 Cyber-Eye

Cybernetic Eye

Manufactured by Oraman Optics Ltd., the Washi line of cybernetic eyes are the most reliable on the market. The X83 model, while a few iterations out of date, is a reliable, workhorse piece of cyberware.   The original prototype of the Washi line was designed by Doctor Annibas Jiang in the year 5833 C.P.. Dr. Jiang was working for the Alverson Bionetics corporation at this time while developing what would become the Washi Cyber-eye. Days after he finished the prototype device, his research facility was subject to a hostile headhunting operation conducted by the Four Kings mercenary company. During this raid Dr. Jiang, the prototype eye, and all his research documentation were removed from site, and the research facility was incinerated. A short while later, the doctor and his work were in the hands of Oraman Optics Ltd. And the Washi X1 Cyber-Eye was on the market before years end.   The original prototype, commonly refered to as the Washi X-0 Cyber-Eye was held in the very secure Oraman Vaults until it was stolen some forty years ago. Over the years since its theft, the eye has gone through several hands. Sometimes trading hands in black market deals, more often it changes owners through violent altercations. Because of its bloody past, it has become known as kind of a cursed item. It's last known owner was named Bas "Happy" Maroleth. His current whereabouts are unknown.  

Optional Modifications:

  • InfraVision - see in the infrared spectrum
  • Low Light Enhancer - see in low light settings
  • Trakr™ - tactical enhancement suite
  • AcuHit™ - targeting reticle interface
  • Retinal Spoofer - imitates retinal patterns to spoof scanners
  • Telescopic Vision - zoom in up to 600m
Item type
8 - 17 grams
24mm sphere
Base Price
25,000 credits


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