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Oraman Optics Ltd.

Manufacturer of optical cybernetics

Oraman Optics has been the leader in cybernetic eye modifications for ninety years.   Recently Merik Muxos, the CEO of the company, died under mysterious circumstances. The inquiry into that incident is in the hands of private investigators. Meanwhile, various VPs are jockeying for his position. It is only a matter of time til the bleeding starts. Of course other corporations are looking to see if they can gain any advantages out of the situation.   The timing of Merik's death is rather inconvinient. Glazer Technologies, a rival of Oraman Optics, has just released their new cyber eye, the G18 Eydolon. Oraman is looking to discredit Glazer Tech, and to give the new G18 an air of failure and mistrust amongst the consumer population.


Power is held primarily in the hands of the CEO.  It is difficult for anything to get done without his approval.   Several Vice Presidents execute the CEOs will, and deligate tasks to their Directors.   The department Directors, and their Sub-Directors are the ones who make sure things get done.   The Engineers are the ones who actually gt things done.   The laborers are the ones who do all the doing that others clame they did.


If someone makes something better than we do, take it for our own.

Public Agenda

Be the best at what they do. Be a source of good in the world.  Make sure the world knows what a good corporation we are.


Highly skilled engineers and researchers.   Respect of the consumer.   Squads of elite agents capable of anything asked of them.


Oraman Optics fortunes first began to rise in 5833 CP, when they "aquired" the talent of Doctor Annibas Jiang, a renouned cyberware engineer.  After his abduction was negotiated into a work contract, he began designing Oraman Optics' Washi line of cyber eyes which have dominated the market ever since.

See the world through our eyes.

Corporation, Medical
Manufactured Items

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