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Elthen Language

Elthen is the secret language of the Elthyri.  No one outside of the Elthyri have any knowledge of the languages existence.  It is not uncommon for a group of Elthyri to conduct a conversation with one another in Elthen while maintaining a technically detailed conversation with humans in Chant.  And the humans would be hard pressed to realise what had taken place.   The Elthen language is comprised of two major components for conveying meaning. The first consisting of whistles and chirps, and the second incorporating body positioning and hand gestures.   The whistles and chirps are easily hidden within the normal use of other languages, like Chant.  In fact, most Elthyri will basically talk to themselves or recite poetry in Elthen while speaking in Chant to maintain the illusion of a culturally peculiar speach pattern.   The body and hand movements were originally developed as a way to communicate in the vacuum of space without relying on radio transmitions.  These gestures are also often incorporated into an Elthyri's mannerisms, but more out of muscle memory and habit, rather than actual subterfuge.  These gestures, might be the most likely source for outsiders to perhaps sense that some form of communication was happening surreptitiously.   The written form of Elthen uses script similar to mathmatical symbology, but non-Elthyr are unlikely to ever see it because it is exclusively written in mediums only visible in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Geographical Distribution

Elthen is only found where the Elthyri live, which is predominantly in spaceships, or asteroid outposts in the Tantalus System.
Common Unisex Names
Aetheris, Astra, Azarion, Luminae, Lyric, Nix, Nova, Orionne, Quillan, Renyx, Roundel, Seraphyn, Spectra, Sylph, Vega, Vortex, Xanthor, Xylar, Zenith, Zephyr,
Common Family Names
Alqamar, Altair, Apollo, Chandra, Domingo, Estrela, Hae, Hoshi, Kiran, Kuu, Mahina, Natsuki, Qamar, Ravi, Seren, Starr, Sterne, Tsukino,


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Jan 2, 2024 21:56 by Candi Lyn Siemens

Hello Reliquar. I liked how this language is, in essence, a secret language, and parts of it comes from their past (space travelers). I am wondering though, if these beings are ever born blind or deaf. If so, are there any modifications to the language to accommodate someone only being able to interact with half the language? Also, would anyone missing one, or both, of those senses be treated differently?

Jan 22, 2024 20:49 by Zannazook læ Gnom

Very nice language with this double influence of both the ecological constraint of spatial vacuum and the cultural construction of secret communication.