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[Legend] of the Yellow Man

In the year 2030, at 02:00 US time, on the 3rd of January, some fun things happened.

Funnest of all was the taking of the Suez Canal (a canal between Africa and the Middle East) by the Goners (3-4 foot tall lizard/velociraptor people), but lots of fun things happened during that. The only people who care about that invasion of Madagascar are memers who like to make fun of the Goner forces for not knowing what tides are or why they just ended up back in territory they'd already taken.

And it's from the taking of the Suez Canal that came the Legend of the Yellow Man.

4,000 Goners had taken the canal, killing 30,000 or so humans, and the rest of the humans were in retreat.

But who was the Yellow Man and what did he do?

Who was the Yellow Man and what did he do indeed.

For what the Yellow Man did was incredible.

The Yellow Man yeeted a load of open mustard gas canisters, remembering that it isn't a war crime if you do it to non-humans, into the streets of the urban areas on either side of the canal, suddenly remembering that it is a war crime if human civilians get killed.

Normally, this wouldn't have meant jack, diddly or squat to the Goners, who all had gas masks in their armour anyway, but they also had their energy shielding on. That's a funny way to say the mustard gas wore down their energy shielding, releasing tonnes of heat that forced the Goners to either turn it off or be roasted alive inside their armour, and thus made them vulnerable to a wave of gas-mask wearing Chinese forces that massacred the 4,000 Goners in one of the first major victories of the war.

Sure, the Goners did just take the Canal a few months later with a force of 80,000 troops, but such a victory for humanity at this point was rare and truly cherished. Also someone made a really low-budget movie about it, which inspired a high-budget movie about it, which inspired tonnes of erotic historical fanfiction, which was written largely by individuals who weren't aware of the Yellow Man being a true story because the CHG Education Department giggles every time someone mentions the idea that teaching citizens about their human heritage might be a good thing.


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