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The shop keeper landed in the muddy street to roars of laughter. He gathered himself and bowed down on hands and knees. “Please your lordships, anything, a…a… anything I have is yours!” One of the young men, wearing a blood red dress, his hair in a noble lady’s style of ornate loops held with a golden pin, face white with blushing cheeks with painted lips and eyes pointed his long sword’s overly long blade of over 4 ft (120 cm) at the cowering shop keeper.
“How about your life? Or …” He looked over his shoulder at his gang, “See if there is a wife or daughter in the back to play with. Kill anyone who gives you trouble.”
Another voice rang out. “Leave Abukojura (Abukojura. "Twisted Order”) scum!” A short, heavy set figure emerged from the shadows- wrapped up to conseal shape and face but wearing some sort of horned helmet.
White face laughed. “Are you going to stop us? One tiny commoner?” He called back over his shoulder to his companions. “Let’s get this one! Play time!” He dashed forward, followed by several others with weapons ready. The stout figure produced a red chip of Arcane Crystal (Arcane Crystal) and snapped it while chanting. A whirling flame lept from the hands to the street, growing to taller than man size, spinning out four arms of fire which struck each of the companions, throwing them back and igniting clothes.
White face rushed forward to stab at the wrapped figure, who clapped hands and said “Spirits of Storm I invoke you!” while the sword tip was just tens of centimeters away. There was a blinding flash of lightning and a crash of thunder. The gang leader lay gasping on his back in the street, sword thrown aside and scorch marks on his chest. The other ruffians lay burnt and beaten as well by the Fire Elemental. The short figure called “Get outta here! This street is under a shaman’s protection!”

The shaman is a magical practice that involves The spirits, exchanging and making arrangements or deals with them to imprint the shaman's aura or soul with spirit magics or invoke spirits to perform duties or magics. The Sorcerer's magics involve bindings, pacts and forcing spirits to perform. Shaman are more friendly and sympathetic, acting as servants of their Totem and within the hierarchies of spiritual entities and exchanging service or offerings for aid. Most shaman serve the natural order -either urban, rural or wild. Some server darker spirits of Malice, Corruption, Hunger, Abyss or the Hells. These are called Blight Shaman.

Imperial Mages view Shamanism as primitive and basic. The shaman casts no "spells" or incantations, instead using "gifts" and invoking favors. They have no understanding of magic theory and structure such as the true Hermetic Mage. Gifts are soul imprinted spirit powers that the shaman may activate by visualization and addressing thanks or performing a short chant or song to the spirit that gave the gift. The newly awakened Shaman may be trained or naively self trained. Those who have had training will start with the Totem and work outward developing pacts and appeasement with other spirits "on call" or invoking them locally at need. The naive self taught will typically form a few pacts and appeasements to gain basic gifts before finding a Totem. The most important and primary spirit is the Totem.

The Shaman has a pact with a Totem spirit and must follow the Spirit’s Ban and act in accord with the totem. A shaman out of favor from not acting in accord with the Totem may be cut off or find they have a new Totem more in-line with their behaviors. The Shaman may have a number of pacts equal to Magic pips (4 or 5), and Shaman skill rank. Gifts are limited to 1+ Wits score + die roll of Wits and 1 per rank of Shaman skill. Performing Rituals of Appeasement or activation of pacts or gifts is a Spirit roll instead of Wits.

Spirits are everywhere. They are the primal movers of the world performing functions set by ancient dictates, structures and hierarchy. Nature spirits inhabit and are associated with plants, animals, the sky, terrains, weather and significant locations. The least are like small insects, the greatest maybe huge like a mountain. Urban spirits and spirits of the Made are manifestations of made things and concepts, taking on more import with emotional significance and history. These beings primarily exist in other planes (underworld, Umbra,etc) but may interact with the mortal world in limited ways. They may only be attacked via magic or in these other planes. They lack free will and will always act according to their natures. In general the spirit world is a hierarchy with levels of patronage to higher level spirits.( Rabbit spirits pay homage to Totem Rabbit spirits, which belong to choirs of prey and meadow and woods).
In the mortal realm they are immaterial unless they have a vessel: a fetter (object of what they represent) which they inhabit, or a body they may possess. Spirits of power 2+ may manifest a material insubstantial form.

Most spirits are neutral, caught in a place of drives and needs. Some spirits are evil: Hungering Spectres or Wraiths from the Underworld, hateful Manitous from the Hells or Corrupting spirits of Blood Magic, Contagions and Banes, or strange alien spirits from Outside.

  Spirits are defined by 2 main features: Rank (a measure of Intelligence between 1 and 7) and Force (Influence and Power between 1 and 5, sometimes higher). In combat, spirits roll Force+Rank vs each other and lose Force for each success scored ( toughness= rank+Force) by the other until 0 at which they are dispersed and the winner gains 1 force. Spirits may spend 5 Force to increase Rank.
1) Sprites: Insect sized motes that last minutes or hours. spawned by storms, emotions. Have 1-3 powers or gifts.
2) Toki: small animal sized spirits. Possess 3-6 powers.
3) Shin: child sized: 5-8 powers.
4) Myo: human sized: 8-11 powers
5) Zo: larger than human: many powers
6) Bo: Giant sized: These are very powerful
Jigan: mammoth such as a city, mountain or elemental dragons. These are just shy of God-like powers.

The Spirit Courts:
Celestial Court: Sun,- The watchful sun wears a cape of night. Moons, sisters of Wyld, Lodges. Lodges Progress across the night sky. Moons enter and exit. As does the Sun. The Lodges house the chorus’ of the seasons. Sleep and wake. Ripening. Lusts. Blooms. Spring, Summer, fruitfulness. Fall. Fear. Winter, Hunger. Sickness
Elemental Courts: Earth. Minerals. Salt. Metal. Water. Steam, fog, frost. Fire. lightning.
Gaea Court: Mountain. Storm. Rain. Rivers. Lakes. Light and Lightning. Drought.
Incarna: Night. Death. Thunderbirds. Elemental Dragons.
Anima : Animals, stomach. Mouth. Heart. Breath. lust, sloth/ sleep, Trees, flowers, lesser plants and shrubs.

Corruptors: These seek to pull nature and order aside.
The Hungry: This faction want to rule a realm of the dead returned. Fear, terror and death feed them and allow Loci as portals and points of power. Undead, Ghenu, Spectres, Wraiths.
The Destoyers: These want nothing less than destruction of all. The feast on Death and destruction. Abyss. Carnage spirits ( murder and violence), Manitou
Malices: Harm, pain and suffering. They were exiled and hate the world and want to remake it in their image. Broken. Invaded. Manes.
The Hells. Blood spirits. Contagion spirits (plague, filth, poison), Shedim, Banes


Other Benefits

The Shaman possesses certain magical powers. The first arise from awakening to the shaman path of magic.
These Basic Gifts are:
  • Spirit Speech: least spirits communicate by wants and impressions, empathic impulses. Higher ones may communicate in words. This gift allows the Shaman to speak the spirit language of telempathy. (1 essence) 2 rounds per Rank of Arcane Background. It doesn’t force a spirit to take any action or to reply.

  • Sense Spirit: The shaman can feel/ sense the general presence of immaterial spirits and their status of wakefulness or sleep. Even in total darkness/ blinded. (1 essence , 1 round).

  • Invoke Spirits: The shaman may awaken a spirit sleeping in a fetter or call attention of a desired spirit to them. This requires a hand clap or ringing a bell while speaking the awaking chant in spirit speech. This power takes a single round of action and investing 1 essence (PP). Invoked spirits may make pacts in exchange for Appeasement.

  • - Activate delayed or permanent Gift or pacts. These have previously been prepared. Activating Gifts cost the Appeasement price in Essence (power points).

      From the first steps the spirits will tell what they require for appeasement. The shaman generates Appeasement points by rituals. A number of points equal to Vigor pip/ die rank may be held by the Shaman. A totem will hold upto 10 at a time that may be withdrawn for use but must be replaced with rituals. Excess Appeasement points must be used immediately (some exceptions) - to fuel a Totem’s pool, Form a pact or persuade a local/ free spirit to teach a Gift ( upto cost in available Appeasement), perform a power ( upto available Appeasement in Cost) or perform a service ( 1 round/ pt appeasement) either locally or remotely.

    Appeasement rituals are made at Wits- Ritual difficuty + Arcane Background. A botch summons a manitou or, in the case of a Blight Shaman- a cleansing elemental of fire, ice or Wood. Cleansing spirits will attack. A Manitou (evil spirit) tries to trick the Shaman into thinking it is summoned or responding to the ritual. The Manitou will attempt Riding or if cast off will attack for 3d6 force and damage. The Ridden Shaman may not cast exorcism or other gifts that may dislodge the inhabiting spirit if Ridden.
    Simple: These require a round, a chant (or song) and investing 1essence to achieve 1 Appeasement point for each success and a raise, or each raise beyond the first one.
    •. Offerings: Each offering type may be made as a separate roll. These are food offerings to the spirits. ( The malices, banes, corruptors and such prefer spoiled foods) Drinks - wine, beer and alcohol. These are suitable for all spirits. (The dark spirits like blood as well). Incense or scented oils.

    • Pledge: This is made to a specific spirit as a binding oath to carry out a service or obligation to the spirit. This requires 1 round and 5 essence to enact.

    • to •••••: Chant/ song: Performance skill for 1 round for 1 point, 3 round for 2, 10 minutes/ 1 turn for 3, 30 minutes for 4 and an hour for 5. Performing with a rattle, drum or other instruments adds +1 Appeasement gained on success.

    •• Fasting: per day fasting and meditation roll vs Vigor. Failure causes 1 fatigue and -1 on Condition (Unique to Charron world and not part of Savage World rules) rolls each day until the fast is broken. Each successful day produces 1 Appeasement, +1 with each raise.

    Complex: These require time, space and preparation.
    •• Dance: 2/ success ( Performance skill). Typically performed with rattles or drum or other instrument that add +1 appeasement on success.
    simple: ( 5 rounds) requires 2 raises to gain 2 appeasement in a rushed short dance. Complex: ( 30 minute) requires 1 raise with +1 appeasement for each additional raise. elaborate: (1 hr) The time and devoted attention produces appeasement on a simple success and +1 on each raise.
    ••• Painting: (Crafting - Air) sand or paint on floors, walls, cliffs or body paint the painting must have at least 1 sq ft of space and is a manadala pattern design. simple: 10 mins - requires 2 raises for success Moderate; 30 min- requires 1 raise Complex: 1 hr: success with roll at a -1, additional appeasement per raise. Elaborate: 2 hr a simple success with +1 per raise is produced.
    ••• Carving: made for a specific spirit or spirit type, each carving of the spirit, it's domain or even items as presents requires 1 day and skill roll with the Crafting skill. Poor carvings produce a -1 on appeasement rolls, superior carvings are worth +1, excellent +2 and masterwork +3.

    Blood/ Wound: Time: 2 actions. cutting and blood loss - favored by War, Ghost and Blight/ malice spirits. 1 point per success or raise on self inflected wound. Use of already present wounds is only worth 1 point.



    Chalks, colored sands and paints, incense and herbs for smudge smoke, feathers, fur or bones, or twigs, leaves and flowers and things associated with animals types, totems, seasons, terrains, elements or the various spirit types. Candles, bowls and chimes, bells, rattles or drum.


    The Shaman needs a sacred space or Lodge with inscribed with patterns, medicine bags, circles and marks similar to enchanters circles for any longer rituals. Temporary places may be created but a more permanent structure is preferred. Some create a sacred circle blanket or medicine tent that may be taken from place to place. They require 2 actions of ritual clearing before use and add +1 to rolls ( or more if enchanted previously).

    Provided Services

    Once a spirit is invoked it may be asked to form a Pact. Roll shaman SPIRIT -1 per rank of spirit to be invoked, +1 per appeasement point offered before the pact is made. Failure is refused, botch angers the spirit and may cause retaliation or 1 month refusal of any pact attempts. Each raise decreases Pact cost by 1 appeasement. Pacts have an Appeasement cost that must be paid when agreed to or to activate if not fully paid beforehand.

    Pacts: These agreements are for Immediate service or delayed.
    Delayed Pacts are held in one of several forms. Delayed cost double appeasement.

    Body paint: Maintained daily and pact suspended if removed or disrupted. They require daily touch up and 1 Essence (PP) to keep fresh. Activation requires 1 round and 1 Essence/ PP. Tattoos are permanent body paintings that require 6x6 inches space per pip of spirit force or pips of a Gift ( one hour and 1d6 Essenec (PP) to inscribe ) and the spirit will also require a daily offering/ chant/song or dance of 1 Appeasement.

    Token (Talen) or medicine pouch: The favor and terms is bound into the item. The pact is activated by breaking or burning the Talen. Medicine pouches are permanent but cost x4 base Appeasement and must be enchanted to 1/ point Force/ rank or Appeasement cost of a Gift. Anyone may activate a Talen but affects area/ user unless directed by some with Spirit Speech ability. Medicine pouches require 5 Essence to invoke.

    Scars: Spirits will form a permanent pact or imprint a GIFT on the Shaman around scars and ritually offered wounds or body parts. The • and •• prices may be taken on existing or self-inflicted wounds. Loss of body parts adds that hinderance and must be done as self-inflicted wounds. Based on Pips of Rank/ Force or Gift Appeasement cost. Scar+ Tattoo may be combined.
    • Roll on wound complication table
    •• Roll twice on wound complication
    ••• Loss of a toe, or finger
    •••• Ear or Eye.
    ••••• Hand or foot

    Physical service: The spirit will manifest to perform some action or duty such as burn down a door or carry a load, fly the shaman and/ or designated passengers someplace. Or the spirit may fight one or more designated opponents at double Appeasement cost (x4 for delayed). Cost is 1 per Spirit Rank.

    Gifts: Use a gift, or sustain another spell or Gift already in action for 1 turn (10 min) per rank/ force of spirit. Imprint a Gift on the shaman's aura (permanent: may only be soul imprinted 1/ Vigor pip) or in Tattoo, scar or medicine bag.

    Aid: adding Spirit's force to forming another Pact or support and aid a shaman using a Gift they possess adding Force/ Rank as a bonus on casting. These may also be Tattoo, scar or medicine bag.

    Gifts: The spirits possess additional Gifts related to their types. Base cost plus is required and any extra points may be paid before activation or from reserves of the Shaman or Totem.

    War Medicine Gifts:
    1) Guiding wind: (cost 2/ +1 round sustained ) Duration 5 rounds. Range of 5 ft from Shaman/ lvl of shaman. Calls on spirits to guide thrown or fired weapons at target. Grants a +1 to hit or deflects thrown or fired attacks as +1 parry per Appeasement spent to purchase (lvl/ force)
    2) Strength of Bear: (cost 3 /+1 PIP STR ) Duration: 1 combat. Target gains a bear’s aura, great strength and fighting power). Range of touch.
    3) Turtles Shell: (cost 3/ added 1 toughness lvl), Duration: 1 combat. Range of touch. Turtle spirit protects the recipient preventing damage.
    4) Lightning Bolt: (cost: 5) Duration 1 round. Range 50 ft+5/ lvl. Thunderbird, Storm & sky spirits, lightning spirits teach this gift. Shaman may hurl a lightning bolt 3d4, 3d6, 3d8, 3d10 or 3d12 ( by Arcane Background, or PIP of Spirit force) to targets on successful To Hit rolls ( victim may apply Parry.) Lightning is AP vs metalic armor.
    5) Icy Blast: (cost 5) duration 1 round. Range 20ft+5/ lvl. Mountain, ice, frost spirits teach this gift. Cone of cold 5 ftx 5 ft, then 10ft wide, 5ft deep, then 15 ft wide and 5 ft deep and then 20 ft target area, 5 ft deep. Anyone caught inside makes an Evade roll vs Agility -2. A similar Fire Blast may be taught by Fire elementals. Damage is 2d4, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10 or 2d12 by PIP of spirit 6) Bomb: (5) Range 60 ft. Duration: Instant or upto 1 round/ lvl. The gift allows the shaman to hurl a ball of spirit energy that will explode outwards on contact or after a period of time. The burst covers an area of 1 area/ lvl of caster in a rough sphere for 1d6/ PIP of spirit. Per Lightning or Icy/fire blast.
    7) Protection: (1/+1 round sustained) duration 1 round/ lvl. Range. Touch. The subject becomes partially blurry and harder to see, causing attempts to detect or to hit the subject to be at -1/ force.
    8) Barrier: ( 1/ force) Duration: 1+1 round/ lvl or essence. Range: 1 area / PIP of Pacts potential. Creates a wall of mystic energy that blocks passage of material and spirits. It has a STR = Force, takes 20 pts/ point force before collapse and may extend 10ft/ point of force. It adds it’s force to defender Magic Resistance or Evade rolls.
    9) Dazzle (1) 1 round. LOS. Spirits of Sun and lightning teach this Gift. It causes a very bright flash that causes a roll vs Spirit dice -1/ rank of caster. Failure causes a loss of action until end of the round and a -2 to hit .
    10) Allergy ( 3/ 4/5/6) 1 turn + 1/ lvl. LOS. Causes a blot on the subject that causes spirits of the allergy type ( light, silver, iron, animal, element, cold) to pinch, irritate and cause irritation rashes and blisters. ( Roll vs SPR resisted roll). Zero success causes -1 on target’s rolls. Otherwise-1 per force of Condition loss.

    1) Call Wealth: (1) Duration 1 round. Range of Touch. Performing this Gift allows an additional roll on searches for treasures or change encounter rewards or may be used to have spirits show “lost” small items such as 1d6 coin or a scounged up item of poor goods worth upto 10 sp.
    2) Luck: (4) Duration 1 round/3 levels. Range of touch. The spirits allow the recipient 1 reroll/ round of duration.
    3) Spirits disfavor: (5) 1 round/ 3 levels. Range: line of sight. Roll to evade. The spirits make an opponent’s work harder, giving them a -5 on rolls when applied for the duration.
    4) Tattle: (3) 1 round/ lvl. Touch. Local spirits reveal information on the local area to the spell subject based on a request ( Life, creature type, enemies, cave, specific place or person) . Roll (Force dice+ Magic+ Arcane background vs target 4, +1 per 10 ft distance) Successes reveal information: 1) General non specific information - yes/ no 2) General info - within 5 ft locations and presence. One, some, many, that way 3) Very accurate: numbers, locations 4) Detailed information 5+) Very specific
    5) Trinket ( 5) 1 day/ lvl. Taught by harvest and fruit spirits Ripening spirits. Allows a made item to store 1d6 Appeasement points. Breaking/ destroying the item releases the Appeasement which must be used immediately. It may be a doll, a piece of clay sculpture, a carving, jewelry, a weapon, even a written piece of paper.
    6) Light (1) duration: 1 turn+1/lvl. Range 3 areas +1/lvl. Full noon daylight produced centered on caster or within range with an area of 30 ft.
    7) Cure Disease or Poison: (5) Instant. Touch. Rolls Smarts to cast out disease and/ or poison spirits reducing their severity by 1 for each success (Spr+Arcane background vs Force (severity/ Strength)+Rank.

      Earth Medicine
    1) Animal Possession: (3 totem type/ 4 non totem type/ 6 full possession) Resisted roll. Duration 1 hr/ lvl. The Shaman’s spirit is projected into an animal leaving her in a a coma like trance. On wits or less roll may speak a single sentence once per round from their body to any who are present. The animal types extend to some monster types ( Owlbears, displacers, Hydrel). The animal will be with 5 miles. If the creature takes damage the Shaman rolls vs Arcane Background- damage or will take 1/2 damage to their own body (ignore armor).
    2) Wear away (2/ -1) Resisted roll. Duration: 1 round/ lvl. Allows nature spirits to breakdown, wear down or decay a material object on touch. Each success will cause a malfunction/ break roll at a -1 penalty or degrade/ crumble an item/ object 1 STR.
    3) Call Weather: (variable, cost, duration and range of 5 miles). Mountain spirits, weather spirits, Thunderbird have this Gift. Total cost in appeasement is highest level of weather that may be effected when taken as a Gift. Outdoors only. Invokes weather spirits to produce desired weather effects. It costs each stage to change up or down ( 2 hrs from Blizzard to regular storm, 2.5 hrs to get just rain or clouds) and it lasts as long as it takes to summon the type in total - so light rain from clear = 15 minutes, a heavy rain = about 40 minutes). One Lightning Bolt (War Medicine) may be called from each of the Rain, Heavy or Blizzard at a force 5. Winds may be repeated , each Force = 1 STR until at hurricane or tornado strength at Force 4-5. Fogs/ Mists limit vision to 50 ft- 5 ft/ Force.
    4) Commune: (2 per point force) Duration 1 round/ lvl. Contested roll (SPR+ Arcane Background vs Force +Rank) to make spirits more inclined to make deals for appeasement points ( successes by high score =+1 on Pact roll). This gift also allows the Shaman to befriend animals, halting hostility and perhaps acting as if trained to aid the shaman.
    5) Earth Speak ( 1) Concentration. Touch. Given something worn or possessed by a target the spirits will reveal the path taken on a notice roll +5. Touching a track and use of this gift will reveal type, numbers and direction of travel.
    6) Healing: (2+). Permanent. Touch. Calls on spirit to restore damaged flesh. Each success of gift increases effect: 1 success removes shaken, low condition, bleeding out or fatigue, 2= as 1 +1 wound, 3= as before +1 (2 wound total), 4 =(3 wound total), 5= will regrow a lost body part or remove a wound complication.
    7) Heal Madness (6) Touch. Permanent. The Shaman may drive out the spirits afflicting the mad. Contested roll vs Spirit ( madness) Force/ severity. On fail may be infected by the madness.
    8) Lightning Bolt: (cost: 5) Duration 1 round. Range 50 ft+5/ lvl. Thunderbird, Storm & sky spirits, lightning spirits teach this gift. Shaman may hurl a lightning bolt 3d4, 3d6, 3d8, 3d10 or 3d12 ( by PIP of Spirit force) to targets on successful To Hit rolls ( victim may apply Parry. Lightning is AP vs metalic armor.
    9) Wilderness Walk (2) 1 round/ lvl. Touch. The subject may walk silently and without leaving any trace in wilderness, with a +5 Stealth. The subject can’t be tracked by normal methods. The Gift will not function within 50 yards of a city, town or village.
    10) Cat’s Feet: (2) 1 round/ lvl. Touch. The subject moves silently and without leaving any trace, at +5 Stealth when in cities, towns or villages or buildings. It will not work in the wilds.
    11) Nature Possession (3) 1 round/ lvl. Touch. The user of this gift may step into a tree, stream, pond, rock, cliff or other natural feature and become part of it. The Gift user may see and hear the surroundings while inside, but is not visible or generally detectable. At end of the gift the user steps out where they stepped in. By spending1 essence the user may move through the connecting trees, along the water or over a rock face at 1 area/ round ( pace 1) and will exit at this new location.

      Ghost Medicine: The Ghost medicine path tinkers with evil spirits, manitou and Malices. This witchcraft carries a bad reputation because it is easy to be drawn to the dark.
    1) Bind Ghost: (3) Until 1 task is completed. Range: upto 1 area / lvl. This Gift feeds power to Hungry Ghosts (Po), Manitous and other evil spirits. It will not work on standard Ghosts. The Bound spirit will perform a task if the Shaman gains more successes on a challenged roll (SPR+Arcane Background vs Force+Rank). The spirit will always try to twist and cheat on the request except for attacking someone/ thing which it will do eagerly. Fail = ignored. Botch = spirit attacks shaman. 1) = yes/ no question 2) Go somewhere and report back what is seen. Guard camp and attack anyone entering for 4 hrs. Attack a target. Answer a simple question that is more complex than yes/ no. 3+) Lengthy conversation. Attack anything a type of thing. Go to a specific location and attack a specific target. Guard the camp until morning from any invader.
    2) Call Evil Spirit: ( variable) Duration: variable. Range: 1 area/ lvl. Draws an evil spirit into the world from beyond. Each Rank is a different Gift (1-5 cost). The Shaman must be at a Locus, Shadowland or portal to the Hunting Grounds (umbra) to call anything but a Hungry Ghost (Po). Manitou, Banes, or Undead spirits may be called. Roll SPR+Arcane background vs Spirit Force+ rank. On fail - spirit vanishes. On Botch it attacks. 1 or more success gets a service per success.
    3) Curse (3/5/7) Permanent. Range -1 area/ lvl. Each affliction is a different Gift. This gift calls down the wrath of the spirit world, feeding minor illness spirits into a mote of serious disease, Successes of Arcane Background produce effects- less Target Vigor roll success. Zero: suffers 1 day of coughing, sneezing and itching/ aches. Stealth attempts and silence are at -1 as are aim and other rolls. Cure disease or Bind can cure it. Minor (1-2) causes a fever and shakes, 1 pt fatigue/ success and -2 on rolls, -1d6 Condition. Chronic (3-4): at -3 on rolls. Cough, aches, base shaken status and condition -1d8. Fatal: -4 on rolls. Takes 1 wound level , 1d10 condition.
    4) Destroy Spirit:(3/5/8) Line of Sight. The Shaman or Spirit using this power directs a pale beam of at a spirit target ( In some cases spirits may just consume another: Wolf spirits feed on rabbit or deer spirits). Roll standard Spirit combat - Shaman Arcane Background+ SPR score vs Force+ Rank of defending spirit. Spirits inside a host, vessel or fetter are immune- unless the container is destroyed first. This gift doesn’t harm material things or beings. Each Success by caster reduces target Force and at 0 is dispelled. Target successes reduce caster success.
    5) Human Possession ( 4/ 8) Duration 1 round/ Arcane Background (Force) +2 Essence per round. 1 area range +1/ lvl. The Gift allows the Shaman to “ride along” and look out of the eyes and hear what the host experiences. Resistance is SPR + arcane+ Magic rating vs defender SPR+ Arcane background + Magic rating. If the rider has more successes they are not detected, on raise may plant one suggestion of 5 words or less that is not against the nature of the possessed. At 2 Raises the Possessor controls the target defeat the subject. If the ridden has more successes they are aware, at 1+ raise above Possessor the possession ends. If the fully Possessed takes damage, roll vs SPR of Shaman, if failed the shaman takes shaken and rolls additional hits as if hit. While this gift is active the shaman’s body is in a comatose unresponsive state and can’t take any actions.
    6) Skinwalk (4/ 6). Touch. 1 turn/ lvl. The Gift allows the Shaman to take on the form of any animal after touching it at the base cost, or take Totem shape. Only the body is affected, taking on size and abilities of the animal type. Possessions are not affected. The shaman may return to his normal form at will, but must repeat the gift to return again to animal form, even if within the time limit of a prior use. The shaman appears to be the animal type to all external views, even astral. No supernatural forms may be taken. For the 6 cost, if the shaman has a prepared skin ( enchanted, sealed) that they apply to take on the form. This skin may be a supernatural or other creature or person - and it may be taken off or put on over possessions as often as desired during the gift’s duration. Only physical abilities and appearance are gained, no special powers.
    7) Darkness: (1/ force). Duration 1 turn+ 1 round/ arcane background +6-force. Line of Sight. Creates 1 area/ Magic rating (force) +1/ essence of inky shadow. Force 6 in bright sunlight, 5 in overcast day, 4 in twilight or a lighted room, 3 in torch or firelight, 2 at night or other semi darkness.
    8) Ghostwalk (3) Duration 1 action/ lvl. Range: touch. This gift allows the subject to become insubstantial and able to walk through walls, gates or other objects. The subject appears perfectly normal until someone tries to touch or hit them, or they pass through a wall or floor or door. Magics and fire and cold still have full effect.

      Trickster Medicine
    1) Fumble (1/ penalty) duration 1 turn. Range: line of sight. Causes devices to “act up” and becoming more difficult to use/ unlock or operate and Agility rolls -1/ point or use of the gift. To hit roll for effect.
    2) Haze (1/ penalty) Duration: 1 turn. Range: line of sight. Causes mental haze and the appearance of things to become fuzzy. Notice is reduced -1/ point or use of the Gift. Roll to hit as per standard attack, to target the Gift.
    3) Appearance (2/4/6) Duration 1 turn/ lvl. Range: touch. 2PT: Change appearance, adjusting facial features and voice to appear as a generic someone else. 4pt: Change sex, height, weight. 6pt: Change race, or appear as a specific person. The illusion may be seen thru on Notice roll with Alertness. Smell doesn’t change and may give cause to make a roll.
    4) Stink (1) Duration 1 turn/ lvl. Range: LOS. Taught by a skunk, decay or stink spirit, this gift creates a strong pungent odor or removes all scent. It blocks normal scent tracking, or may be used to create a sickening stench - Roll VIG de vs Force of Gift or suffer -1/ 2 points force on rolls due to nausea.
    5) Illusion (1/ ft) Duration: 1 turn+1 round/ lvl. Range: line of sight. Taught by Dream spirits. The gift creates a thing or creature which appears real to all senses (but if it defies logic or sense there is an extra “disbelief” roll). On first encounter roll Smarts -1/ arcane background of Shaman or Spirit of the illusion. Damage and combat as normal. Fae treat these as Chimera.
    Invisibility ( 4/ 8) Duration 1 turn+ 1 round/ lvl. Range: Touch. All living beings who might see the shaman roll vs SPR - shaman Arcane Background or spirit rank. If they fail, the gift’s subject can’t be seen unless they attack, or move something in view. Other senses are not affected. The higher rank works on spirits and nonliving beings who may see via a spirit sense.
    Spirit Hands: ( 1/ d type force) duration: 1 turn. Range Line of sight. Causes a spirit to lend it’s manipulative powers to the shaman, handling things and feeding back “touch” at a STR of 1 pip/ force.
    Memory ( 4) Duration 1 round. Touch. The Gift allows the user to plant a false memory in a subject on resisted roll of Wits ( target vs caster).
    Confusion: (2) duration 1 turn+1/lvl. LOS. Affects 2 areas/ lvl. Place spirits use this Gift to cause loss of direction sense, shifting shadow and lights making navigation and telling friend from foe difficult. Doors, walls, pits, drops shift and are not where they should be. Roll INT dice vs Force+ rank of spirit or Shaman lvl while in area of effect to attempt navigation. Actions roll at penalty of Force+Rank or LVL.
    Spirits of Made: (1) LOS. 1 turn/ lvl. Made thing spirits may be awakened and given the Numen of Manipulation: They may move parts and work as made to function under the influence of the spirit. Doors may open/ close or lock/ unlock. A Wagon can roll on it’s own at a walking pace.

    . Vision Medicine
    Cleanse (3) Instant. Range 2 area around caster +1 ft/ lvl. This gift calls upon friendly or loyal spirits to drive out loose evil or disloyal ones for upto 12 hours, or until nightfall or day break, whichever is soonest. Contested POW with lvl bonuses vs Spirit POW+ Rank(or size).
    Open Portal (10) Range 1 area/ lvl. 1 hr+1/ lvl. A very powerful and hazardous Gift, this creates a hole between the Realms allowing passage to and from the Near Umbra. Roll Magic Pool vs Gauntlet difficulty 7 with each success pulling the barrier down 1. Minimum is 1. Anything may pass, either way on a simple Stam roll vs the barrier. On a Botch the Portal opens elsewhere - underworld, Rift, the Hells, Mists or deep umbra or deep mists. Mortal flesh in the Umbra gives off a strong odor. Shaman may block this with a Large Painting ritual over the body.
    Repel spirit: (2) Duration: 1 round/ round until resolved. range: 1 are/ lvl. This Gift allows the User to enter into a contested SPR roll with a Riding Spirit (urge or possession) at Force. For each success of the spirit add 1 to next roll. For each success of the Gift user, reduce the Spirit’s force by 1 and host loses 1 Condition. At 0 Force it is driven from the host. This Gift may also be used to drive a mortal from the Umbra or other spirit realm back to it’s body/ the mortal world.
    Vision Quest:(1) 1 turn/ lvl. Self. With this gift the Shaman’s body goes into a trance and the spirit may enter the Umbra. Umbral spirits and beings may be seen and interacted with. Basic navigation is at walking or running pace. Wakened weapons may be taken and used but all possessions stay with the body. Travel to other realms is possible with a Guide. Anyone attempting without a guide risks becoming lost.
    Waken Item: (2/6) Sunrise/ sunset. Touch. This gift wakens the spirit of an item - weapon or armor, a hide clothing, but not cloth. Basic worked items - leather or cloth or hide armor, a staff, spear or bow cost 2 to awaken. Metal items cost 6 - made items don’t always have a specific spirit and so may need an archetype spirit. Enchanted items do have a spirit that may be wakened. Wakened items may be taken on spirit travel via vision quest or astral projection.
    Identify (1) Instant. LOS. Roll contested POW vs a spirit or it will reveal it’s Type and alliance.
    Guide: (2/4/6) Duration: 1 turn/ lvl. Range: self. This powerful medicine is used in the Umbra or other realms and calls up a named spirit type. ( cost 2) Calls a realm specific spirit that can guide to destinations within the realm. (4) Calls a spirit that can guide to another realm. (6) calls spirits that can guide across several realms, opening the mists, underworld and Astral to the User of the gift. ( 4) Cost Guides can allow entry into Dreams.
    Ceremony of Resurrection. (15) Touch. Duration special. This is a very complex act with several parts. The user of the gift must touch the body or part of the body. The User must either Vision Quest or travel by Portal to the umbra. Then a 6 Guide is called to track the soul of the dead. Roll tracking/ Notice in each realm. On botch a manitou has tricked the user and will return to inhabit the body. The soul (or tricky manitou) is taken back and installed into the body. The soul will stay for 1 round/ lvl during which time the body may be healed or repaired, but will leave again if not healed back to 50%. The returned soul must roll Spirit at difficulty of highest wound or gain an insanity. An occupying Manitou may attack, play along or plot for greater evil.
    Totems: The Shaman gets his powers from her spirit allies. First from her Totem, that she represents then from others via pacts. The totem is the first spirit ally and demands the shaman keeps the spirit’s ban and obeys it’s nature. Favored medicine paths cost -1 essence as gifts to enact and may be used  freely for Appeasement points. One path per Arcane Background rank. The Totem Gift’s are granted once daily for each rank. Rank is a reflection of the strength of the Totem-shaman bond and is increased as a skill. Invoking a Totem or it's Gifts causes the Shamans hair and clothing or appearance to be thrown into appearance of the totem: hair as if antlers or horns, wings or spider legs, image overlaid with bear or wolf or owl.
    For all Totems:
    •••• Stores 5 points appeasement
    ••••• +1 PIP in spirit pacts

    Bear: forest. Earth: Slow and ponderous, but fast and powerful in battle. The Bear must always help someone who’s health or life is in danger. On first injury in combat make roll vs Clarity -wounds. Failure results in furious attack with most powerful weapons or spells for 1d4 rounds on everything within 3 area.
    • Strength: add 1 pip to STR for 1 round/ lvl
    •• Light Healing: 1d8 on touch or remove 1 wound.
    ••• Cure: Magic roll vs force (rank of disease or poison).
    •••• Grants 5 points appeasement
    ••••• +1 PIP in spirit pacts

      Bull (nature) Visions/ blessing: Proud and impressive ( +1 Charm) but never forgets an insult or slight and must avenge in equal measure. The bull guards the herd from threat and challenge. Bull can not lie.
    • You do not suffer penalty until asking for a 3rd action in a day
    •• +1 lvls for counting spirit pacts, and +1 PIP
    ••• Give allies +1 armor protection vs damage. 1 round/ lvl

    Cat: Urban. Trickster Stealthy, vain and cunning and curious about secrets. She can’t turn away from a mystery, puzzle or riddle no matter how dangerous. Cat is fastidious and solitary and suffers -1 on rolls if dirty or unkempt. Cat also keeps her secrets, mixing tales and lies with truths except with most trusted allies.
    • Darkvision. The shaman sees in darkness as well as in daylight.
    •• Walk in Shadows: May walk or hide in dark shadowed places and become invisible, evading bright flashes or a sudden lantern. Stealth +3, Lasts 1 round/ lvl.
    ••• Purr: This gift makes the shaman seem friendly and charming allowing one person to be affected with a charm person: Contested roll vs Clarity, if the shaman gains a success the subject treats the shaman as a trusted friend.

      Crow: (any) Trickster. Loud mocking trickster who calls out the proud and those full of themselves. Crow has a boastful, bragging big mouth and is likely to blurt out secrets, plans or otherwise stick his foot in his mouth. Must trick someone at least once per session.
    • Forces a subject to speak truth when next asked a question
    •• Forces subject to tell only lies for the next round/ lvl of Shaman
    ••• Auto success on next Notice roll.

    Dog. (urban) Earth. Loyal to friends and family and stubbornly determined. The Dog stands by even disloyal friends. He is stubborn as a mule - you must do things his way and holds out until everyone agrees or major concessions to his ideas are made.
    • Dog may be called upon to ward a spot - awakening or raising alarm if anything comes too close or trespasses for upto 1 hr/ rank Magic + arcane background.
    •• Allows Umbra or Astral Vision for 1 round/ lvl.
    ••• Dog will act as a spirit guide in other realms, aiding travel and prevents getting lost.

      Eagle: (Mountain, nature) Visions. She flies over all, looking and observing from the heights. Greeting the Sun and the Moons. The Eagle shaman can not lie and will not tolerate Evil: Twisted or Corrupt paths must be confronted.
    • May spirit ride a bird and see out it’s eyes or hear via it. 1 round/ lvl
    •• Allows Umbra, or astral vision. 1 round/ lvl
    ••• Eagle acts as a guide in Umbral projection or travel.

    Fox (any) (Trickster or Ghost), sly wit and cunning, he is a thief and trickster who prefers to outwit and teach opponents a lesson. Fox must roll vs Clarity to resist testing a challenge to their skills, wits and cunning.
    • Switch locations of 2 items within 10 ft of each other and weighing no more than 10 lb.
    •• Badge: The shaman writes the type of badge or sigil desired and anyone seeing it, sees the correct type of object: a permit, a passport, a bill of lading, a badge, a pass.
    ••• Pass: Fox allows the shaman to unlock any door, bar or gate. The shaman and upto Arcane background rank of others may squeeze through any gap, crack, or narrow passage to the other side.

      Gecko (any) Trickster. Fast moving and always on the lookout, finding ways into places she shouldn’t go and often bringing friends along for the fun. Gecko is a prankster but not a thief, frequently spying and watching to gather secrets. Gecko isn’t bound by any obligation or rules.
    • +2 Notice for 1 round/ rank arcane background.
    •• Conseal: The shaman and upto arcane background rank blend into the surroundings and so long as they don't move or make noise are -3 vs Notice rolls.
    ••• Wall Walker: the Gecko shaman may walk or climb vertical surfaces or cross ceilings as if it was the floor for 1 round/ Arcane background Rank.

    Lion: (nature) Warrior. Proud warrior who prefers to strike with surprise. The Lion must be praised and recognized, spending wealth and telling tales to get attention and recognition or she suffers Arrogance and Impulse hinderance, blindly charging in against any opponent to prove themselves.
    • Fighting: boosts Fight skill 1 die on a touched subject for rounds equal arcane background rank.
    •• Ability: On touch boosts one ability score by 1 die type for 1 round per arcane background rank.
    ••• Toughness: On touch boosts toughness by Magic score for 1 round/ arcane background rank.

    Owl: (any) Ghost. Swift and silent hunter who crosses between the day and night worlds. Owl is bloodthirsty, eager for confrontation and doesn’t take prisoners...or may, but they only last while they are useful. Owl must fight each session. • Owl Shaman may at will see Umbra in their immediate surroundings as an action.
    •• Stealth: increases Stealth by 1 die type for 1 round/aracane background rank.
    ••• Flight: The shaman and upto Arcane Background rank others may fly at pace +2 for 1 round/ Magic +1 per arcane background rank.

    Raccoon (any) Trickster. Impulsive and greedy. Raccoon takes action and improvises, roll Clarity-1 or rush on. Raccoon must steal something of quality (nothing small and cheap), and leave things for Raccoon in woods or wilds at least weekly.
    • Look There: Causes a spirit to make a noise or perform an action that makes noise or knocks over something. Line of Sight.
    •• Sleight of Hand: the shaman may hide a single object unto 1 ft in Raccoon’s sanctum pocket dimension for unto 1 hr per rank.
    ••• Forget about it: Contested roll vs Wits+ rank vs Spirit. 1 ) success forget about one round of action within past turn. 2) Forget about 1 action in past 15 minutes. 3) Forget about 2 rounds of actions within past 30 min. 4) Forget one action or fact of Gift caster’s choice.

      Rat (urban) Blessing. Stealthy thief who hates open fighting and is too selfish to share, even with his companions. Yet Rat is also a persistent survivor with a skill at getting out of tight scrapes. Rat only fights if he must and then must make a roll vs Clarity or will use distance attacks if able or the biggest possible attack to finish the fight quickly.
    • Slither: Rat shaman may squirm through any tiny crack or opening.
    •• Open Portal: Rat may open a 3 ft diameter portal to the Umbra. It lasts for upto 1 hr.
    ••• Undo: the Rat may change Fate by redoing a past round action in the immediate past upto Arcane rank rounds ago.

    Stag: (nature) Blessing. High strung and nervous. Loud noises make him jump and even silence is unsettling. Rolls vs Clarity at -1. Stag must share with companions and always taking the smallest share. Stag can store an additional 5 Appeasement points. Stag may not kill a defeated opponent.
    • Luck: once per session player may reroll one die or use the power to take a Bennie.
    •• Call wealth: once per session the spirits help in a search, pick pocket or other treasure roll. DM adds an extra roll when this Gift is called on. Alternately they may find they have something needed - upto 10 SP value per arcane background.
    ••• Share: The shaman may share appeasement points with another - even a nonshaman, allowing them to act as storage,  make pacts or imprint Gifts under  the shaman's direction.

      Snake (nature) Visions. Cautious. Snake likes to plan out everything before making a single deliberate move and hates improvised and impulsive actions. Once weekly the shaman must do something to help their people or community, beyond any party they may be a member of.
    • Slither: The shaman may squirm through any crack or opening.
    •• Plan: Add an extra 1d6 die in rolls vs Spirits: for appeasements or contested rolls.
    ••• Shed skin: Allows the shaman to escape bindings or a curse by peeling out of their old skin, leaving a husk behind. Curses are still linked to the old skin.

    Shark (ocean) (Ghost ). A cold relentless hunter and savage in combat. On first blood spill roll vs Clarity -1/ wound or go berserk on opponents, attacking to destroy and obliterate, even after on opponent is dead. Shark is unemotional outside of combat and never tells lies. Shark is restless and always active, and easily bored. Given a choice between fighting and peaceful resolution, Shark choses to fight.
    • Fearless: The Shark Shaman never fails roll vs Fear.
    •• Aura of Fear: Causes any within 15 ft ( 3 areas) must make a Fear roll if subject to fear effects.
    ••• Waterbreathing: The Shark shaman may breath normally underwater for uoto 1 hr/ aracane background rank.

      Turtle (nature) Blessing. Grumpy curmudgeons who are snappy and go direct to the point or distant observers, who don’t like to get involved, but in either case lack curiosity. Turtle shamen must have turtle symbols worn or visible at all times.
    • Shell: Increases base Toughness by 1/ arcane background rank for 1 round/ rank.
    •• Restoration: On touch counters effects of lack of food, water or rest serving as 1 meal, a unit of drink and 8 hrs of rest. Affects upto on subject per rank of Arcane background.
    ••• Revive: counters 1 wound and / or bleeding out and may revive someone who has died in the last number of rounds equal to Shaman Arcane background rank.

    Wolf (nature) War Medicine. Hunter and warrior, he is brother to his pack and fiercely loyal. Wolf doesn’t back down from protecting friends and can’t leave a fight willfully unless victorious.
    • Notice: +2 on notice rolls.
    •• Fighting: increases Fighting die by 1 on touch. Once invoked may be applied upto Arcane Background rank times and lasts that many rounds.
    ••• Wolf form: shaman may assume Direwolf form for 1 scene: take direwolf skills or shaman's - whichever is higher. All equipment and possessions are transferred to the Totem's home pocket realm. athletics d8, fighting d8, Intimidation d10, notice d10, stealth d8. Pace 8, parry 6, toughness 10(2) - thick furry hide = 2 pt armor. Bite: str+d6 ap 2, raise on attack staggers targets smaller than the direwolf. low light vision. Speed- runnng at d10.

      Vulture ( any) Vision/ Earth. Vulture is a scavenger, yet does important services for all by removing rot and decay and associated spirits of disease. Looked down on, yet the vulture flies high above. They are rarely alone. The Vulture shaman seems aloof, grim or dispassionate but does what needs to be done and supports his friends and allies. Vulture Shaman has the Outsider hinderance.
    • See Astral
    •• Vulture shaman may speak with Dead: asking 1 question per success. The dead are not required to answer, nor do so truthfully. The shaman must have part of the body of the dead to touch.
    ••• Flight: The shaman and upto Arcane Background rank others may fly at pace +2 for 1 round/ Magic +1 per arcane background rank.

    Crocodile (nature, or some big city sewers). Earth. A great fighter and big eater. Croc seems lethargic. lazy and languid most of the time but swift to action when called for, but ill-tempered if prodded to action. Croc doesn’t give up on something he has chosen to do. The croc shaman prefers something direct, with a big pay off and is loathe to share. Croc collects lore.
    • Sunlight: may produce a radiant glow of pure noonday sun that damages undead and fills 1 area/ lvl for 1 round/ arcane background rank.
    •• Memory: Clarity roll ( Shaman may add arcane background rank) to probe and find what someone knows about a thing, even the dead may be questioned but they must be present to be questioned. 1 Success discover general info. 2 Minor details. 3) detailed information. 4) Accurate and full information.
    ••• Shed skin: Allows the shaman to escape bindings or a curse by peeling out of their old skin and leaving a husk behind. Curses stay with the skin.

      Spider (any) Ghost Medicine. Spinner of webs and lesser builder linking all things. Spider shamen never help strangers. Spider plots and waits patiently for plans to unfold.
    • Skittering: The shaman may walk on any surface as if normal solid ground. for 1 ropund/ arcane background+ Magic pips.
    •• Aura of Fear: Causes any within 15 ft ( 3 areas):causes subjects to make a fear roll or suffer the effects of fear.
    ••• Unwind: Spider is Of the House of Order and the Weaver. Spider allows the Shaman to reduce the Force of another’s magics by 1 by unweaving it. This is allowed once daily and is use it or lose it.

    Spirit Powers:  All spirits have these powers:
    Knowledge: Knows about area or association • Basic childlike •• General area common knowledge and directions ••• Familiar Guide uncommon lore •••• Expert detailed rare info ••••• Specific detailed and obscure.
    Reform: dissolve and transport to Home Domains in the Deep Astral, or material “lair”. It takes an action to dissolve and a full round to reform.
    Inhabit: If in the material world - The spirit may move into a thing similar to it’s type, or an empty body ( Projection or dead): Roll Spirit dice vs STR.
    Materialize: spirit takes physical form - roll Spirit vs Gauntlet until successes are equal or greater and it passes over. If already in the material world -Spend 1 pt of Essence to manifest as apparitions or translucent smokey images. To interact with material objects (including use of other Gifts) requires expending an additional pt of Essence power to fully materialize. Magic or other spirits may harm materialized or manifested spirits and if “killed”,  the material form dissolves leaving a corpus of 1 free Force energy that other spirits may ingest. Manifested form  reduced to 0 allows the dispersed spirit easily bound. Spirits that have used the Materialize gift are very careful of the Materialized form - destruction is painful and costly, leaving them weak.
    Manipulation: spirits may modify, strengthen or use/ control their fettered material source.

      Urban: Made thing spirits: The spirits behind items like clothes, weapons, tools, carts, homes and parts of them. Things like road or street, bridge or well. Abstractions like mathematics, construction, logic.
  • Spirit vision: May peer across the gauntlet into Umbra or into material world.

  • Unfetter: May unbind itself from it’s fetter and travel away from fetter upto 1 area/ Force. If not within normal range at expiration of numen, discorporates and reappears at fetter.

  • • Strengthen: improved quality and strength +1 Or degrade by 1 rank.
    ••: modify: Change color, cleaniness, or condition making it stand out or blend in.
    ••• Manipulate; The spirit can move movable parts, effect repairs, change how well or if they work in use.
    •••• Recreate: may replicate it’s type or related type once. May change the character of the item - from dagger to sword or hut to mansion.
  • ••••• Spawn: May replicate 1d6 of it’s type or a similar type.

  • Other Spirits and Powers:
    Field/ crop Spirits: accident, concealment, guard, knowledge.
    Hearth spirit: accident, Isolation, conceal, confusion, guard, Knowledge.
    Emotion spirits are natural and spawned by strong feelings: They may perform at rank 2 (••) Suggestion to create a feeling or amplify. At rank 3 they may make Suggestions for activities to cause mortals to perform actions to promote the emotive spirits
    City: Accident, Isolation,Conceal, Confusion, Fear, Guard. Knowledge.

    Land Spirits:
    Swamp: accident,conceal, confusion, Engulf, fear, guard, movement, knowledge
    Mountain: accident,conceal,guard, movement, knowledge
    Forest: accident, conceal, confusion, fear, guard
    Lake/ River: accident, conceal, engulf, fear, guard, movement

    Accident: cause a malfunction of an item or a natural “accident” to happen - tree or rock fall, trip: test vs Player wits
    Isolation: victim enshrouded with aura of invisibility, intangability and silence. Must make efforts to be noticed or may be run over, shot through or get in way of actions/ attacks.
    Compulsion: may impart a simple suggestion to compel the subject to perform an action.
    Conceal: add force penalty to notice.
    Confusion: Place spirits use this Gift to cause loss of direction sense, shifting shadow and lights making navigation and telling friend from foe difficult. Doors, walls, pits, drops shift and are not where they should be. Roll INT dice vs Force+ rank of spirit or Shaman lvl while in area of effect to attempt navigation. Actions roll at penalty of Force+Rank or LVL.
    Engulf: Melee attack to HIt. Targets are drawn into the substance of the Spirit’s element, terrain or The spirit’s influence. Rank dice vs STR dice to escape at target of Force or POW, each round. Each success lowers opponent’s dice next round. Fire: does 1d6/ force of spirit. Armor reduces damage. Water/ Air: crushing pressure does 1d6/ force to health and Armor doesn’t protect. Earth: 1d6 per Rank, armor reduces. Wood: 1d6 per force. Armor reduces. Suffocation: 1 pt to Stam per Rank. Then roll CON dice vs Stam or less. Lose stam equal any points over Stam in roll. At 0 Stam roll vs Clarity+ will or pass out. Additional stam loss applied to health.
    Fear: mild Dread (penalty) to terror (flee). Contested Roll Spirit POW (+Force+Rank) vs WILL. (+lvls). High roll wins. 1 success: Shakes - 2 on rolls to hit or action. 2 success: Dread - lose 1 action. 3: Paralysis- lose turn. 4: Panic-4 5: flee at full move for 1 round. roll again next round.
    Guard: prevent accident powers or other accidents within domain
    Movement: control movement within domain - rate, direction, location.
    Knowledge: Knows about area or association • Basic childlike •• General area and directions ••• Familiar Guide •••• Expert detailed ••••• Specific detailed and obscure
    Stay: Causes the area to become sticky and difficult to move in reducing move -1/ Force or Rank of Spirit

    Spirit forms: Many elementals of Zo (rank 5) or higher may take Dragon forms.
    Air: Spirits of Air and storm, including air elementals. A whirlwind, a vapor, a flock of birds, or butterflies.
    Beast: Archetypes of animal and creature forms, larger and more impressive, or appearing as swarms. Aspect Totems may also appear.
    Earth: Things of Stone, metal, mud, dirt. Also Trees and plants.
    Fire: Bathed in glows of heat and flame, smoke, lightning. It may be a sphere, an animal (bird, snake, other) or humanoid.
    Guardian: These spirits are invested in keeping things the same or becoming more of what they attuned to. They are angels of light or darkness, mighty warriors or huge beasts.
    Celestial: The beings of star, sun, moons. They may be humanoid or crystaline or Dreams. Oracles and sages
      Plant: Grasses, trees, small plants with facial features, or humanoid versions
    Task/ Passions: These may just be small bugs or icons of passions they inspire or tasks/ crafts they represent, or they may be masters made of their materials, humanoids animating and manifesting their emotion.
    Water: a constant wave, a creature of water, or associated with a body of water. It may be humanoid with waterweeds or fish.
    Corrupted Elements: Poison, Acid, Contagion, Vitriol (green fire), Withering (blight).
      Elementals: Naturally Material, they must spend power to dematerialize, but exist in material, astral and Umbra simultaneously ( as lights). They heal from contact with their element. They clear essence flow blockages or excess, maintain the natural world.
    Dematerilaize: (1) Become insubstantial and transparent and only harmed by magic. (2) Pure spirit form: invisible and nonmaterial. (3) Pure elemental - they transfer themselves to an elemental realm.
    Essence sense - automatic. Being Umbral and Astral, they sense power and immaterial beings.
    Elemental Flow: (1) Increase or decease natural elemental expressions - wind, rain, lightning, fog, mist, Waves, current, earthquake, fire. Each use doubles or halves the effect ( or +1 d of 1d4/d6/d8/d10/d12 by Elemental’s Force) and/ or area by 1.
    •• Engulf: takes into itself an opponent.
    •• Elemental Bolt:(4) shoots a blast of water, ice, fire, wind, rock, splinters, lightning (Poison, disease, acid, vitriol, blight) (1d4/d6/d8/d10/d12 by Elemental’s Force) - 2 area/ rank in a 1 area wide beam. May add flow to increase 1 d.
    •• Purify: Elemental may separate things within it’s type, preventing contact or pushing it out. Protection from fire, water, earth, wood, air - or creating pure water from mud or poison.
    ••• Create element: produce 1 volume per Rank +1 per force of Elemental.

    Corruption Spirits, Bames and Manitou: The shadow spirits feed on pain and suffering, destruction. Acts create motes of power for them feeding 1 point per dot claimed. Spirits must typically consume 5 x their Rank points in motes to add force or other spirits/ 5 force to advance to the next rank.
    • Destroy symbols of hope, achievement or happiness for one or more. Create filth and toxicity.
    •• Corrupting innocents into committing a violence or murder, vandalism and destruction.
    ••• Addicting people to a degrading or dangerous vice or substance, spreading disease or poisoning smoke, fumes, slag and pollution.
    •••• Ritual or mass killings, plagues , fear and wanton destruction like arson fire.
    ••••• Ritual destruction, or intentional poisoning of the environment, poisoning streams, burning forests and fields.

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