Fennilk Afari (Fen-ilk Af-ah-ree)

(a.k.a. Lady of the Golden Sword, Keeper of the Dire Secrets)

Fennilk Afari, the Lady of the Golden Sword, Keeper of the Dire Secrets, is the most widely worshipped deity among the Felox on Vulpi Hassani. This goddess is the head of the Felox pantheon, ruling with an even hand, soft words, a sharp eye, and an even sharper sword.   She is one of the first deities created by the Empyreans. But while others of her kind argued among themselves about how to create their realms, she had other goals. True to her name, she quietly carved out her realms in the Voidspace, then observed the work of the Empyreans. She learned many of their mysterious ways.   Some of that knowledge she put to use, such as crafting her golden sword, Spite, in the heart of a blue star. Other knowledge? She keeps that, like any other secret, close to her for safekeeping. In case she needs it later to spur envy by embarrassing a rival, or reaping their reputation.  


  Followers frequently depict Fennilk Afari as white-furred Felox with black, pupilless eyes. She’s often shown wearing a gray-white, gold-trimmed, sleeveless vest and trousers. Over that is a red silk sash used as a belt, golden arm bracers, and leg greaves. Her expression is often soft or thoughtful, with a hint of curiosity, as if she’s staring into a person’s innermost secrets.

Holy Books & Codes

The Words of Whispered Envy is the name of Fennilk Afari’s holy text. These are seven short books that contain what’s known of her history, Fennilk’s dealings with other god and goddesses of the First Aspects, and how she expects her followers to behave.   Naturally, given her divine interests and domains, all the books are written in mysterious code. Her followers believe this is to preserve her secrets and provide her followers with a means to prove their worth by deciphering the codes to read the holy works.   This code mysteriously changes yearly in both the original text and any copy her followers have made to carry with them. Fennilk’s followers are expected to decipher the changed codes during the summer solstice on Vulpi Hassani, each year.   The first book is the simplest to decipher, but the complexity increases from there. Once a follower deciphers all seven books, they are expected to add new secrets to their own copies of the Words of Whispered Envy. Such additions are considered signs of devotion and prayers to the goddess.

Divine Symbol

  Fennilk’s symbol varies between believers in the minor details, since some use a red ribbon to denote her sash, while others do not. But all of them use an image of her sword, Spite.  
Holy Symbol of Fennilk Afari by CB Ash using MIdjourney
Divine Classification
One of the First Aspects, Goddess

Divine Domains
  • Fortune
  • Secrets
  • Music
  • Stealth
  • Artifacts
  • Spite, Fennilk's golden sword.
  • Portrait of the Goddess
    Goddess Fennilk Afari by CB Ash with Midjourney

    Cover image: Realm of Pantheons by CB Ash using Midjourney


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