The Union Space Corps

A highly hierarchical military with vast territory in the galaxy, and probably the only bastion of order in the known universe.   Character Connections:   Ensign Flossy Leed (PC) - Flossy was born on the USC Omega Terminus Base and was enrolled in The Academy.   Commander Tobias Galixera Leed (NPC) - Deceased. Flossy's father. Commander of the Omega Terminus Fleet.   Lieutenant Lavinia Zhameaal Leed (NPC) - Deceased. Flossy's mother. A lieutenant of the Omega Terminus Fleet.   Ensign Apollo Zhameaal Leed (NPC) - Flossy's twin brother. Omega Terminus Fleet.   Ensign Nicodemus Aldridge (NPC) - Missing. Skilled hacker and pilot. Omega Terminus Fleet.   Ensign Axton Yorke (NPC) - Deceased. Omega Terminus Fleet. Defected the Corps to lead the Silent Watch division of The Marauders of The Order of Fear.   Medic Dr. Andronicus Lambright (NPC) - Missing. Omega Terminus Fleet.


Commander In Chief

Public Agenda

To establish law and order within their territories and to protect its citizens from the predations of the other factions.


numerous worlds, high technology, training

The Shield in the Darkness

Military, Space navy
Alternative Names
The Corps
Controlled Territories


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