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The information about the universe the chaotic goodness podcast takes place in.   a game using the what's O.L.D. is N.E.W. system.   Join us for a space opera game following the often inept usually foolhardy, and extremely dangerous crew of the Wombat-class freighter Irritated Badger as they try so hard to make a living in an unforgiving galaxy full of corporations, space pirates, religious fanatics, insurmountable armies and feudalistic slavers.   They try to make money while having a little action and aventure on the side, they're just bad at it.   players:   Chad- GM, part time pirate and therapist
Kim- teacher, geek
Kristi- homeschooler, huge geek
James- ex military with a silver tongue
Steve- knows too much about pharmaceuticals.
  If this sounds like something you'd be into (and let's be honest, who wouldn't?) you can check out out podcast information including how to subscribe, past episodes, and information about out release schedule at The Chaotic Goodness Podcast!


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