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The ward of Scrivens is located close to the administrative and legal centre of the town, the tithing and the nation. It is dominated by supporting this administrative load with most of its business revolving around the preparation, reproduction and management of documents.

Industry & Trade

The business of Scrivens is split between those who make the materials for documents - paper, parchment, ink and so on and those whos job is the documents' production. The former are small workshops, the latter individuals typically working alone (or based in the offices of Castleward , The Lawry and Palace Ward. These are not lucretive trades but they are often remarked to be "indoor work with no heavy lifting" and not subject to as many occupational diseases as many trades.

Guilds and Factions

Some of the larger workshops are linked to trade guilds but no one guild predominates in Scrivens, and none maintain their guild house there. The main split in the community is the threefold one between the manufacturers, the self employed scriveners and those who havd a permanent position whether with a lawyer or one of the governmant departments.   The Wardhall, like that in the Lawry, serves as a sort of guild house to the main trades of the ward and acts as a clearing house for freelance jobs or overflow from the courts or the state.


Scrivens is not a wealthy area and most of the buildings are a combination of wood and brick. Their floor plans are typical for Morton; their size, on the small size and they are noted for having rather larger windows than is the norm. Most are not in good repair though the arrival in recent years of overflow from the Lawry is triggering some smartning up and gentrification in the western parts of the ward.
Connor Amry Cadu is the current alderman of Scrivens. After a few years as a freelance copy writer he moved into paper manufacture and now owns one of the larger workshops in the ward. He has experimented with some of the Printing techniques used centuries past in the Marivan Empire but this work is on hold while he is Alderman: he hasn't the time and if perfected it would put many of the ward out of work. Connor is not the most politically astute man, but he knows his political suicide when he looks at it in the form of his press. But he is still tempted to tinker...


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